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Neutral One Click Checkout Solution


About IVY

IVY is a payment service designed for our client from Munich, Germany. E-payment has become a way of life these days. Online shopping has remarkable growth over these past years and several individuals use e-money while purchasing online, but they have to enter their bank credentials every time they purchase something which can be time-consuming.

IVY is a neutral one-click checkout solution for consumers, it saves their payment and shipping details for the next transactions, so users can purchase directly with just one click.



Customers demand sustainable consumption and a simple checkout process.

Customers value sustainability higher than ever.

92% of customers want to support brands taking positive climate action.

Sustainability has become the 2nd biggest driver of customer loyalty.

88% of consumers prefer brands helping them live sustainably.

Therefore, it is a must-have for brands to position themselves green and to communicate their sustainability efforts effectively.

Second, customers are annoyed of typing in their shipping and payment details over and over againawhen shopping online.

70% of online shoppers abandon their carts before checkout due to overcomplexity.

21% of shoppers abandon their cart because the checkout process is too long.

€323 bn are lost per year due to checkout abandonment.


Ivy offers climate neutral 1-click checkout.

We enable merchants to provide their customers climate neutral and frictionless checkout. When creating an Ivy account, users save their payment and shipping details. Once signed in, users enjoy checkout with just 1-click within our whole network of merchants. No need for additional information anymore.

With every purchase processed with Ivy, we offset the emitted carbon precisely. This comes at no extra cost. Neither for customers nor merchants. We calculate carbon emissions of purchases according to latest scientific standards. Merchants may pick the most suitable compensation project out of our portfolio. Partnering with ClimatePartner, this only contains gold standard carbon offset projects. Customers see their transactions, the amount of carbon saved and the climate project used for offset in the Ivy dashboard.

Up to 50% Boost in Conversion

Boost conversion by 75% with 1-click checkout.

Increases Brand Value

by providing climate neutral consumption

Satisfies Customers

with a seamless checkout experience

User Experience

Customers can recall and reorder purchases in the Ivy dashboard.

Customers see which CO2 project was used to make their purchase climate neutral.

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