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When to Hire a Web developer Vs Web designer?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Web Developer VS Web Designer


Though web developers and web designers are required in different phases or facets of website development yet their tasks are complementary to each other.

The website is the center of your digital appearance on the web as it is the only means for communication to the website audience. Your target website visitors are least interested in the backend and the extra optimization features that you have embedded on the website. What really matters to them is the UI/UX design and the performance aspects of the website created. 

Nowadays web or internet has become a necessity and statistics quote that an average Gen-Z spends around 6 to 8 hours daily on phones. Evidently leveraging this digital platform will not just help your business grow but turn into Giga techs. Web development and web design both contribute equally to making a website development a big success. Though web developers and web designers are required in different phases or facets of website development yet their tasks are complementary to each other. Ultimate Tips on When to Hire a Web developer Vs Web designer are shared through this article and this will make you aware of the slight differences between the two complementary roles of website development experts.

Juxtaposing Web developer and Web designer :


To differentiate the two roles that are the web developer and the web designer of website development. Explaining in layman terms we say that the web developer works on the coding part of the website development. On the other hand, the web designer makes the design of the website more presentable and engaging as an architect does to construction assignments.

Let us now understand each of the roles involved in website development in detail.

Web developer:


They code, design, and modify websites with the help of programming expertise. The prerequisite for any web developer hired for either a small to large-sized business should be the three ninja coding skills that are  HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Knowing the web design rules and strategies adds a cherry on the cake. Also, the web designs should have minimum bugs and setbacks. Because a small error or bug neglected at an initial stage can cost as much as an arm and leg. Subdividing the specialized roles that fall under web development are enlisted as follows:

  • Full-stack web developer - well versed in both backend and frontend web development technologies and skillset.
  • Back-end web developer - deals with the server-side programs 
  • Front-end web developer - writes and manages the client-side code snippets 

Web designer:


The web designer’s job entails for beautification of the websites. This seems to be an easy task but is a critical one as UI/UX design is the face of the website. Adhering to the web design norms and being in sync with the set standards on dimensions, composition, color codes, and typography is a necessity with dealing with clients. There are specializations in the web designer role either and below are the three roles:

  • UI (User Interface) designer - User interface design experts create front-end designs that communicate to the audience and leave a long-lasting impact on their minds with eye-catchy visual designs. 
  • UX (User Experience) designer - User experience is the logical understanding of your website design and these experts are in charge of creating user personas that are engaging to the website visitors.
  • Visual designer - Hybrid role that undertakes the tasks of a graphic designer as well as a user interface designer. They are professionals that have past experiences in visual communications such as logo designing, branding, and graphics. 

Quick understanding of the two roles Web developer Vs Web designer based on the tasks is undertaken by each of them and when to hire whom.

Web developer’s tasks:


  • Build contact forms
  • Dealing with website bugs and errors
  • Implementation of website optimization techniques
  • Keep timely updates and undertake prevention checks

Web designer’s tasks:


  • Webpage designing
  • Business logo designing
  • Responsive website designing

Final verdict on When to Hire a Web developer Vs Web designer:

Gathering our thoughts after running through this informative guidebook we are at a point where we can easily make out the various differences between the roles that are of a Web developer and Web designer. Let us recap the topic and conclude that when it has to do with the visual aesthetics of the websites web designers would come into the picture. They create a perception about your business to the target audience with the help of amazing colors and embedding functionalities that keeps the audience engaged. The code snippets are built by the web developers keeping the guidelines defined in the prototypes. Web developers deal with performance aspects of the website such as website speed, navigation setting, and the number of clicks. Hire our web developers and web designers who will help you design gorgeous-looking websites that can generate 2X times the current revenue of your business building a strong brand reputation.

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