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How to select the right technology for your website development?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

website Development


a website is successful not only when the UI design is good but the UX or user experience is up to the mark. reason behind choose right technology for your site.

The main aim whilst developing a digital product brings multiple challenges to be undertaken. Two focus points for any website development expert should be the feasibility and performance of the design. No business owner is interested in understanding the technological benefits rather than performance gains.

Hence, a website development expert is successful not only when the UI design is good but the UX or user experience is up to the mark. The maintenance costs of the digital product should ideally be as low as possible. A digitally encrypted, secure, and stable website development is preferred.

Let’s understand how to select the right technology to ace your tech stack choice as per the users’ requirements. In addition to this, a developer must go for technologies that are time-proven and recommended by digital Ninjas.

Any website development has a technology stack that comprises three main components:

1. Database

technology for website development database

  • Database: Depending on the user requests sent through the website browser the database searches, segregates, sorts, and present the data. Relational and non-relational are the two types of databases. The relational database works with tables and non-relational databases are popularly known as NoSQL databases and they don’t contain any data.[Popular databases]

2. Back end

technology for website development backend

  • Back end: It is related to the database access layer. The logic which is invisible to the client or user that extracts filters and displays the data is backend or server-side programming. The backend also deals with the communication of two servers and the components available. The most popular programming languages which are used in the backend framework are Python, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript.

3. Front end

technology for website development frontend

  1. Front end: Frontend deals with the Presentation layer. The parts of the technology stack which interact with the user or target audience. Major components of the front end are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The choice of your tech stack defines the performance of your website. The wrong choices might lead to huge financial losses and in turn impact business. The key points to choose the right technology for your technology stack:

  1. Complexity: Initially understand the purpose of development of that particular website development. The website apps are classified as simple, mid-level, and complex. The simple ones are made using unusual solutions whereas complex designs are combinations of integrations and functions.
  2. Project Spread: The growth of the project size directly impacts the complexity.
  3. Authentication and Authorization: The businesses invest a lot more than usual in security aspects be it authentication or authorization as there is ideally no escape from the security threats and hacker population. When the developers follow security guidelines and predefined norms the number of vulnerabilities ideally becomes less.
  4. Bug testing: Always incorporate TDD (Test Driven Development) approach to save time in fixing bugs. The broken or untested code is the biggest bug in the Production system. Before writing the final piece of code in the Production environment, TDD helps developers to test and rectify the flaws available.
  5. Website development costs: The art of converting the idea into a real-life website application needs investment. Your preference for the technology stack defines the overall investment costs. The two costs involved in website development are the salaries paid to the website development experts and ongoing app maintenance.
  6. Documentation and Licenses: While handling complicated issues and bugs a developer may at times find it difficult to get solutions. Trying to analyze issues and dealing with considerable technologies it becomes necessary to have good documentation. These knowledge documents are an aid for the development community in case of similar or repetitive issues. Opting for open source support tools can drastically reduce the cost of the licenses and in turn planned expenditures. So there are chances of you making more profits.

The don’ts that are to be considered while choosing the tech stack technologies and tools:

Don’t ever go with your personal preferences and comforts when selecting tools and technologies for web development. Precedents are pitfalls in project planning and budgeting. Proper planning and in-depth knowledge of users’ requirements are the basis for the development of any project. The technology stack of your last successful project doesn’t make it fit for all future assignments. Seeking help from web development experts is always the best option that you can opt for.

Final Verdict and takeaways:

If you are struggling when it comes to choosing a tech stack for your website. Be it a complex or a small-sized enterprise the precedents are dangerous when it comes to project planning and delivery. We have expert website developers who have mastered the highest level of professionalism who can guide you to choose the most appropriate technology and tools for your website development in a pocket-friendly way.

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