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Why do web developers prefer ReactJS over AngularJS ?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

ReactJS over AngularJS ?


With time ReactJS is the best replacement for front-end development technology AngularJS. We have seen web developers switching from AngularJS to ReactJS. ReactJS is a JavaScript-based library used for the creation.

AngularJS and ReactJS are the two popular Javascript-based open-source web development frameworks and libraries. AngularJS has become one of the most used front-end development languages in comparison to ReactJS as it supports web developers in solving single-page application issues.

AngularJS has a backbone of HTML whereas ReactJS is a straightforward Javascript-based programming platform. Juxtaposing the two front-end development programming languages, ReactJS is more advanced than AngularJS.

ReactJS stood out amongst the two front-end web development technologies gradually and within a stipulated time of release. ReactJS offers various advantages: efficiency, view library, lightweight components, and simple API(application programming interfaces).

AngularJS has few limitations and hence ReactJS is the best alternative that web developers prefer. This article helps us understand why web developers choose to code with ReactJS over AngularJS.

Why ReactJS and not AngularJS?


With time ReactJS is the best replacement for front-end development technology AngularJS. We have seen web developers switching from AngularJS to ReactJS. ReactJS is a JavaScript-based library used for the creation of various user interfaces. ReactJS, like AngularJS, helps web developers develop single-page applications along with self-contained components. The two distinct and additional features that ReactJS has are it supports the virtual Document Object Model and encourages one-way data binding. In case of component failure, ReactJS uses certain lifecycle tools and methods. The implementation of JSX ReactJS uses a known syntax and also helps in component rendering.

Limitations that AngularJS has which restricts its usage by front-end web developers:


  • AngularJS renders multiple ways to accomplish a particular assignment or task. This at times confuses the front-end web developers which best alternative or approach to finalize for the accomplishment of the task.
  • The prerequisites for learning AngularJS are to have in-depth knowledge of Javascript and MVC(Model View Controller) architectural patterns.
  • The 2000 plus watchers degrade the performance of the user interfaces developed using AngularJS making it slower than usual.
  • Testing and debugging are difficult in an executive order because of the dependency of DOM in the execution flow.
  • Two-way binding ideally should be beneficial but it creates complexity degrading the performance of developed web applications proving to be a limitation in the longer run.

Let us touch base upon a few points why web developers consider ReactJS as a better option than AngularJS:


  • Efficiency and faster response time - Accepting the fact that ReactJS is more a library than a framework. Hence a virtual DOM(Document object model) is taken instead of a DOM. This improves the time taken for development. Virtual DOM is an amazing feature to solve cross-platform issues and grants access to a unified cross-browser API(Application Programming Interface).
  • JSX (JavaScript XML) - ReactJS renders add-on benefits of JSX which aids in component-driven development. The developers should be comfortable when it comes to knowing Javascript and HTML. As JSX (JavaScript XML) is an amalgamation of HTML and Javascript.This supports the manipulation of DOM.
  • Component-driven UI development - It helps to create separate reusable components and modules keeping a component-driven development mindset to solve problems.
  • Building mega application projects - Loaders and bundlers are the key requirements when it comes to building mega application projects. ReactJS is much more advantageous than Javascript for the implementation of these projects. The list of technologies supported by ReactJS in solving mega project purposes Browserify, Webpack, and RequireJS.
  • Highly flexible - Developing blocks of codes with simplicity and convenience to exchange is the main function of any front-end web developer. This makes ReactJS stand out in the technology market as it offers the choice of flexibility to resolve real-time problems.
  • View and Controller packed together as one - For the development of web apps conventional method is always preferred. As view and controller are closely dependent on each other they are packed together as one in ReactJS which has a hassle-free update of the view layer.
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) - ReactJS overcomes the very limitation of Javascript in context to single-page web applications which get restricted by web crawlers. ReactJS serves the unique capability of pre-rendering web applications on the server before publishing on browsers. This enhances the SEO of the developed web applications and pages.
  • One-way (single) data binding - ReactJS offers one-way or single data binding which aids in integrating it comfortably with other frameworks. This is quite advantageous and is similar to an architectural pattern called Flux gave by Javascripts.
  • Support more web developers - People around the world are looking for innovative and in-depth research-oriented ideas to take the web development ecosystem at a new trajectory and curve. A shared learning approach is what the community quests for and amateurs learn from experienced campaigners

Let’s wrap up

Some front-end web developers may find it difficult in switching directly to ReactJS over AngularJS as they are experienced and comfortable using the framework and single-way data flow method. With practice and implementing various techniques, ReactJS is easier to implement for building user interfaces over AngularJS. If you are someone looking for ReactJS web developers for your assignment and project, hire our ReactJS web developers who have extensive and versatile experience in the ReactJS framework and library.

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