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Web design defects that affect digital marketing


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Web Design Affect on Digital Marketing


Web design is the front face of any website which is seen by the target audience. Let us understand together a few of the potential web design defects that affect digital marketing through this article.

Web design is the front face of any website which is seen by the target audience. The eye-catching impressions, as well as the best navigational experiences, are signs of good web design. The strategy that the web designers use can either have a positive or a negative influence on the audience depending on the UI/UX design curated. Research says content does attract the audience but the design has an integral role to play because it is the backbone and basis whether the website visitors will stay or leave the website. But at times a few web design defects that affect digital marketing are ignored or overlooked. Three benefits that an amazing UI/UX design attracts are traffic, lead generation, and sales conversions.

Let us ignore and understand together a few of the potential web design defects that affect digital marketing through this article.

Bad Performance:


Gen-Z lacks patience and hence the special emphasis is to be given to the loading speed of websites. The bounce rate diminishes when users visit and leave the sites due to irritation. This also negatively impacts their ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) scale. Opt for file compression methodologies and enable clearing cache memory to avoid performance issues.

Frustrating Navigation Settings:


Minimal clicks and smooth transitions is what any visitor would appreciate. Navigations should be such that any user can adapt to the website in a few minutes making them feel comfortable. Maintain consistency in UI/UX design along with language persuasive to the audience. Always give the audience limited options to choose from.

Lack of Responsiveness:


Irrespective of the screen size the images and content published on the website should gel easily leaving great visual experiences to the user or visitor.

Too many Notifications:


Though sales conversions are the motto yet unnecessary and too many pop-ups or notifications frustrate the user community. Special care must be taken when web designing is to not enable a pop-up too early or late on the screen.

Combination of texts and images:


A combination of texts and images is not something being a UI/UX designer you should go for as the humans are visual creatures and so your texts are ignored in this case. Keep a thin line between the two when designing.

Bad Chromatic impressions:


Colours are a powerful means to create eye-catching visual impressions on the visitors. In-depth knowledge of chromatic understanding and how colors affect our buyers' purchasing patterns is also an aid in being a UI/UX designer.

One to no CTA (Call to action) buttons:


Call to action is the button that insists the website visitors take necessary actions. This is a sign of interest shown by the potential audience. It inspires the users to take necessary action and go ahead on the next step near to purchase. Social media sharing buttons, subscription options, hyperlinks, and so on are examples of CTA (Call to action) buttons.

Unsecured websites:


HTTPS-certified websites gain the trust of visitors. Cybersecurity is the need of the hour and it has become a mandatory practice to secure your business websites from fraudulent users.SSL license minimizes the chance of vulnerabilities and other security threats.Irrelevant content and no headings: Too much irrelevant content and the temptation to add too many facts as well as information on websites overburdens the users. Have a keyword research base and go for clear yet precise content. Entitle the data and information correctly to increase the chances of your website standing out amongst all the very websites curated. Because the heading or the title of the article helps the user decide on whether to continue his expenditure on that particular topic or stop there itself. Balance of content with a backbone of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing strategies does wonders.

Final thoughts:

What boosts the website traffic and creates the brand reputation of any business is the website design. Through this article, we have highlighted and pointed out the defects that are often ignored and underrated. Meeting marketing goals is the prerequisite for survival in the digital marketing world. Hire our web designers who are not just proficient in handling technicalities but curate websites in line with your business requirement increasing almost 70% probability of lead generation for the target audience.

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