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How do UX architect, UX analyst, & UX designer differ?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Role of UX architect, UX analyst, & UX designer


The article is a guidebook and entails how do the roles and responsibilities of UX architect, UX analyst, and UX designer differ.Though there is a thin line that differentiates all the UX-related roles.

User Experience is a holistic process of experience conveyed by users using the product or application developed by the web developer or a web designer. Navigations, usability, and appealing content are some parameters on which the user experience is defined. Task completion with ease and flexibility is also a point of observation when it comes to commenting on the user experience of the product. The more you deep dive and understand UX in broader aspects the complexity of the roles and responsibilities of UX developers goes on increasing.

User Experience (UX) is related to everything that the user community does and also it defines the workflow pre and post-using the product or the service. The predominant titles or roles related to UX are enlisted as below:

  • UX designer
  • UX architect
  • UX analyst

The article is a guidebook and entails how do the roles and responsibilities of UX architect, UX analyst, and UX designer differ.

What differentiates the User Experience and User Interface design? User Experience is more to do with the application or product’s performance of the particular task. On the other hand User Interface design concentrates on the presentation aspects of the application. 

The best practice that the digital transformation or the designing industry has incorporated is that any role related to UX should never be limited to practicing a particular thing or task. Any UI/UX designer or web designer for that matter can switch roles depending on the area of interest and expertise. The concept of cross-functioning is always encouraged and appreciated in the UX domain.

UX Architect:


The main area of focus for UX architects is to design and create design structures in the form of prototypes or website wireframes. They are often referred to as solution architects in the information technology industry. Communication and persuasive skills help them acquire information regarding the product to be designed. On the basis of the information acquired a skeleton and plan of creating the final product is prepared by the UX architect. A holistic approach is incorporated. Essential good is to give the best user experience to the user community being considerate to the needs and requirements shared by the business or clientele. The responsibility that UX architects undertake is to aim at the fundamental aspects and features. In addition to this, create prototypes that can connect easily with the user community. The most relevant question that revolves and helps UX architects to excel in their job is what is the best approach or interaction design strategy that can be implemented to fulfill the predefined content requirements.

Why hire UX architects?

  • Effective problem-solving abilities
  • Encounter and solve usability issues with their expertise
  • Clear access and understanding of user business requirements

UX Analyst:


The words analysis and research go hand in hand. UX Analysts are researchers that get insights on UX and derive conclusions based on observations and understanding. The analysis is back rooted with a thorough study of business goals and usability global standards. Success rates and setbacks are also taken into consideration when it comes to executing a particular activity. The primary goal is improvising the customer usability and in turn the user satisfaction matrix. Reduction in errors and stable usage statistics should be a prerequisite of any analysis as a whole. The potential means by which the user community can commit errors should also be well analyzed because this would help reduce and decrease the number of bugs that hamper usability. Defining the shortest path to implement the changes in the UX design is also a task responsibility of a UX Analyst.

Why hire UX analysts?

  • A focused community that works on customer centricity and satisfaction
  • Understand the bugs and suggest recommendations
  • Improvise usability and performance
  • Look for alternatives that make user experiences best

UX Designer:


The spectrum of tasks performed by a UX designer is to make the products and web applications more user-friendly. They also educate the user community on various features embedded that make the product usable and enjoyable.UX designers not just design prototypes or analyze various aspects of products but craft the product. They curate user interactive designs in a manner that is in line with the prototype designed by architects. UX designers also implement solutions based on the analysis report shared by UX analysts. To conclude, UX designer is a fundamental role when the three job titles related to UX are compared.

Why hire UX designers?

  • Product efficiency and end-users objectives are taken care of 
  • The focus is the usability of products and web applications
  • Make user experiences better than the best

Major takeaways comparing the predominant roles and responsibilities related to User Experience(UX):

Running through the article and the various responsibilities undertaken by the UX architect, UX analyst, and UX designer we are at a conclusive point that there are a few responsibilities and tasks that are overlapped between two roles.Though there is a thin line that differentiates all the UX-related roles. The budget allocated to any UX/UI design project decides whether to hire a dedicated team of UX experts with various job titles. Otherwise, in most cases, the UX designers switch roles between architects and analysts. Also, there are projects in the digital markets that invest in UX research and development. Hire UX design experts who have nailed in designing UI/UX for various clients and in turn helped them flourish in the digital market. Our UX specialists also will help you with suggestions analyzing the business requirements on what exactly needs to be embedded in the design.

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