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User Experience (UX) testing in UI/UX designs


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

UI/UX Designs Testing


Let’s suppose the interim digital solutions are designed and delivered. Yet, how will the UI/UX developers trace and measure the usability factors or rather success factors of their designs?

Empathy means fitting in users’ shoes to gauge the requirement and design world-class UI/UX designs nailing the right UI for the right UX and vice versa. Once the requirement is defined and clear goals are set it becomes relatively easy for UI/UX designer to work and plan digital solutions.

Let’s suppose the interim digital solutions are designed and delivered. Yet, how will the UI/UX developers trace and measure the usability factors or rather success factors of their designs?

The only means to check the usability of the UI/UX design is via usability testing or user experience testing.

What is user experience or usability testing?

Usability testing is at times referred to as BETA testing. It aids UI/UX developers to understand how functional their design is from a real group of people or end-users. This type of testing gives the UI/UX developer to gain insight into the existing design setbacks and problems.

The focus areas of usability testing are to define problems, uncover opportunities to improvise the design, and learn about the target audience. Core elements of any usability testing are the UI/UX designer or fascinator, defined test scenarios, and user community.

[Usability testing 101]

The usability testing is broadly classified as Qualitative and Quantitative testing

  • Qualitative usability testing: focuses on the user behavior
  • Quantitative usability testing: focuses on collecting user experience

Furthermore depending on the type of user community and complexity of the projects below is usability testing methodologies:

1. Moderated VS Unmoderated:

Under the proper guidance of a supervisor, a moderated testing session is carried. Whereas unmoderated testing is done without direct supervision and the user community is given test cases where they test it themselves. The motto behind such testing is investigating the user behavior patterns.

2. Remote VS In person:

Testing is at times carried out remotely over the internet or by phone without supervision. In-person testing means live testing environments are created keeping the target audience in mind.

3. Explorative VS Comparative:

Explorative methods of testing give the users the freedom to choose their test cases and it’s usually referred to as open-ended testing. In comparative testing, the primary focus is a comparison between two test case scenarios.

Checklist of tasks to be completed as a part of usability testing:

  • Define realistic Key performance metrics (KPM)
  • Try multiple test cases
  • Quest for genuine opinions and feedback
  • Don’t underestimate any test results
  • Take maximum test samples as possible

How can UI/UX developers cope up with the setbacks of UI/UX design?

  • Eliminate the gap between user requirements and existing UI/UX design
  • Improvise user experience for better insights
  • Validate and regularly trace the progress of the prototype

The goal of usability testing is to understand the user behavior pattern of the developed UI/UX design and detect flaws through reliable feedback:

  • Detect users perspective and level of satisfaction towards developed UI/UX design
  • Collect real feedback and data from users
  • Identify potential setbacks
  • As per users’ suggestions received, revise and modify the existing UI/UX design

Where usability testing is not used:

  • A/B testing – experimental testing of various versions
  • Acceptance testing - evaluation of the test quality
  • Focus groups – a small group of experts test the product

We at Redlio designs aim to empathize with our customers’ requirements, detecting potential flaws and setbacks in the developed UI/UX design. The primary focus of our team is to test and retest until we deliver quality and flawless digital designs with the scope to delight our customers. We not only develop UI/UX designs but help minimize risks in the best possible way improving the lifetime of the digital solutions. [Redlio Designs]

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