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Why does your app need a UI/UX Design?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

UX User Experience


Hence a balance of both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) should be considered while designing any application so that the audience can browse content through the app at ease and their comfort.

We have more than 1.8 billion worldwide websites. In this digital era of millennia to enhance and boost user experience UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are essentials for having a long-lasting impact on users’ minds. [App download and usage stats]

Hence a balance of both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) should be considered while designing any application so that the audience can browse content through the app at ease and their comfort.

User experience is a countercyclical process and so UI/UX designers need to create visually appealing designs with minimal clickable objects.

Statistics say that out of 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world, only 2.89 million applications are available on the Google Play Store.

Before understanding the need for an excellent UI design and UX design for app success, let’s deep dive into what UI and UX imply!

UI (User Interface): A human-machine interface used for the presentation of an app. The salient features of any app are the appearance, graphics, and designs. The design of the app should be appealing visually and easy to use.

UX (User Experience): The holistic journey users traverse as they use a product or app. The users’ points of view or perspectives control the total experience of the app.

UX and UI are often thought to be synonymous but they vary in definitions:

  • User Interface (UI) design focuses on the app performance and User Experience (UX) design is the entire users’ experience journey
  • User Interface (UI) design considers the look and feels of design on the other hand User Experience (UX)  
  • User Interface (UI) design is limited to the screen whereas UX design is an overall experience

Impact of UI/UX design of app on business and gross potential revenue:

An effective UI/UX design has a vital role to play to expand business growth. To build a good reputation and enhance brand integrity, the users’ experience is essential.

1. UI/UX design leads to customer satisfaction:

ui-ux design leads to customer satisfaction - uiux developer

The UI/UX design should be in context with the user. An effective UI design should be tailored as per the user's expectations to satisfy and delight the customers.

The design of your app should have all the necessary features. In addition to that, there should be an attractive CTA (Call to Attention) button.

2. To create identity and brand recognition:

ui ux design to create identity and brand recognition - ui ux designs

Apps are the best means for creating brand recognition and to stand out in the competition.

The loyal users at times share suggestions on the necessary aspects that they wish for in the upcoming app design. The mobile app design process is seen as an integrated task that helps increase revenues and in turn for expansion of business.

3. Time is money and a good UI/UX design saves both:

ui-ux-design-time-is-money-and-a-good-ui-ux-design-saves-both - Redlio

An excellent user interface is a result of efficient UI/UX design with enhanced user experience and user interaction. This is a cost-effective solution.

4. UI/UX design helps you focus on your clients’ needs:

ui-ux design helps you focus on your clients needs

A UI/UX design is always made client-centric to target the user community. An appealing and engaging content and design is an eye-catcher.

Appropriate segmentation of users by gaining clarity on the customer needs is better achieved through the app UI/UX design. Fitting in customers' shoes always helps in gaining profits positively along with a loyal customer base.

The unique UI/UX design ideas will help you always make you a niche player in the competition.

5. Why UI/UX design drives more traffic:

ui-ux design drives more traffic

If the design of your app has proper UI/UX, it will proportionately drive more traffic to your app. Result of which, it will help gain fresh clients and retain them for a longer duration of time. An attractive app UI/UX design is the need in this competitive market to stay ahead of others.

6. Consistency of colors and screen orientation across the App:

ui-ux design consistency of colours and screen orientation across the app

UI and UX designs are presentations that maintain consistency across the app exceeding above the parameters of screen orientation and colors. Moreover, the designed app gets an appealing look and feel

7. It enhances user interactivity:

ui-ux design It enhances user interactivity

The main aim of UI/UX designers is to design user personas to be understandable to the target and their preferences/perspectives. The audiences pay high returns if user interfaces designs are customized and personalized as per their needs.

8. Customer Loyalty associated with business expansion:

ui-ux design customer loyalty associated with business expansion

A positive user experience aids in promoting your well-equipped UI/UX app to other clients. The feedback mechanisms and word of mouth play a crucial role in building customer loyalty. The good reviews and positive feedback define the graphical usage growth of the designed app.

9. A tailored UX designed app helps reduction of Development Costs:

ui-ux design a tailored-ux designed app helps reduction of development costs

A well-tailored UX design helps ease the app development process. The app is exhaustively consisting of appropriate app features, app functionality, accessibility, usability, interfaces support, Simplified and spontaneous app designs with minimal development costs best works to gain profitability.

10. Designs that bring a raise in business productivity:

ui-ux design designs that bring a raise in business productivity

Less number of clicks, easy navigation, and seamless UI designed app efficient in terms of growth and sales conversion, always helps increasing business productivity.

How does a curated and customized UI/UX design help you make an App successful?

Offering smooth navigation and building a realistic user interface helps in attracting huge chunks of traffic. Developing a curated and customized app leads to business success. The audience prefers visually attractive and user-friendly mobile apps with salient features and functionalities.

Furthermore, consistent necessary data and information will increase sales conversions indirectly enhance brand identity.

Let’s wrap up!

For digital presence and curating customer needs UI and UX designs work best for apps to be successful. The expectations are a bit high for mobile users and so they search for apps that are easy to operate and intuitive. User-friendly and simple operations apps stand out in the market carving digital footprints.

With a foolproof UI/UX design, the businesses get exceptional hikes and flourish as niche players. As a result, they expand and grow more exponentially. Hence it’s the peak time in this digital era to improvise and apply the UI/UX design to create more mobile apps. [UI/UX services that we offer]

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