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Top PHP Development Tools


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

PHP Development Tools


Let us emphasize PHP in web application development and discuss the top PHP development tools available in the IT world that aid your online presence.

Every single company craves visibility on digital platforms due to the ever-changing business requirements and needs. PHP is a web development scripting language that helps you build robust websites. Business websites act as the front face of your business online or digital platform. Let us emphasize PHP in web application development and discuss the top PHP development tools available in the IT world that aid your online presence.

PHP is a dominant server-side scripting language for web applications development. There is a variety of benefits that PHP has to offer in custom web development. Be in terms of adaptability PHP is one of the awesome programming languages and has become web developers’ favorite. PHP developers build engaging websites utilizing the perfect IDE that PHP offers its user community. In addition to this let us also touch base on the potential benefits of PHP web development:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly
  • Enhanced cybersecurity that the web project is not affected by external vulnerabilities or cyber attacks
  • Easy learning curve
  • Versatile applications and cross-platform compatibility
  • Open-source programming language

The three latest trends in PHP web development are enlisted as below:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)
  • Push Notifications

There are a few aspects to take care of when hiring PHP web developers:

  • Look around for professionals who have exposure and experience on real-time projects
  • In-depth analysis and research before undertaking tasks
  • Lay down your business requirements clearly and have a plan before execution

Without any further delay let us discuss the top PHP development tools.



Speed accompanied with lightweight PhpStorm has become a favorite among web developers. There is a list of PHP frameworks that use PhpStorm IDE be it Yii or Laravel. In addition to this, there are also CMS or Content Management Systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Magneto that gel well with PhpStorm. Testing opportunities are also quite decent and zero-configuration debugging is possible with PhpStorm. Integration with databases, command-line tools, or version control management tools is exceptional with PhpStorm. Cross-platform compatibility is also available and it supports programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, C#, Visual Basic, C, and C++.



Most widely used PHP development tool is NetBeans because of the rich features it has to offer to the web development community that is multi-language compatibility as well as support. History says that its primary goal was to support Java development but with time NetBeans salient features made it popular for PHP development.NetBeans supports programming languages such as C, C++, and HTML5. This PHP development tool supports a variety of PHP frameworks Zend, Smarty, FuelPHP, Symfony 2. The exceptional feature of syntax highlighter and smart code compilation makes it stand out amongst the very PHP development tools available.

Zend Studio:


Optimal speed with minimal efforts on writing code snippets has made Zend Studio a bracket of focus for the PHP web development experts. The deployment of web applications developed using Zend Studio is possible on various cloud platforms as well. It has support for Eclipse plugins. The platforms supported by Zend Studio are Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

NuSphere PhpED:


Proprietary integrating platform for PHP offered by NuSphere has advanced in-built support tools such as a PHP editor, profiler, debugger, and a client base. The tweaking of the web development codes makes the process of web development less tedious and more enjoyable. The two speeding tools are PhpExpress, PhpEd speeds that accelerate the web development process. Refactoring of PHP code and parallel debugging can easily be done using this PHP development tool.NuSphere PhpED is fully integrated with PHPUnit. The programming languages supported by NuSphere PhpED are PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, Python, and JavaScript.

Cloud 9:


Exclusive features that Cloud 9 supports are real-time analysis and tabbed file management. It has a range of collaborative coding features and Cloud 9 also enables you to take the web development or application development codes anywhere and at any time. Cloud 9 gives flawless experiences in terms of curating web applications remotely. In addition to all these features, Cloud 9 also has a built-in image editor. Code reformatting is also possible with Cloud 9.

Final Verdict:

Running through this article, we are at a conclusive point after knowing PHP's many essential features and capabilities. By leveraging those we can build websites that are robust and act as a catalyst for your business expansion on digital mediums. The creation of business websites seems to be an easy task when using PHP. We have shed the limelight on the top PHP development tools for tailoring your business websites as per the business requirements set. There are many PHP IDEs that are obsolete hence having proper knowledge of the top-notch PHP tools is a necessity. Hire our PHP web experts who are adept in custom web development accompanied by business knowledge. We offer the best in the market and feature-rich PHP services.

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