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Essential Tips To Consider While Hiring React Developers


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Tips to consider While Hiring React Developer


Hire a react developer who can not just scale your businesses but also recommend the best practices to incorporate in terms of technical aspects.

Finding the right talent in this competitive world is quite a challenging task yet if you follow some guidelines on how to look for technical proficiency and skillset then probably you would enjoy the recruiting process. This article is a guidebook on knows the essential tips to consider while hiring React Developers.

Statistics quote that React framework is the second most favorite web development framework for web development that promotes a productive environment and result-oriented outcomes. React offers a full-fledged workspace for the creation of interfaces that are engaging as well as functional. Moreover, React fosters flexibility and simplicity, giving outstanding development experiences to the web development community. Before onboarding, a candidate for the role of React developer the business owner or recruiting team should clearly set the key roles and responsibilities that are to be undertaken. Let us put some shed on the common duties carried out by a React developer.

  • Creation of UI code snippets
  • Sanity checks on certain checkpoints when developing web applications
  • Customizing engaging interfaces leveraging React Toolkit
  • Adopt component-driven approach and curate reusable components using HTML,CSS,and JavaScript
  • Good exposure to the various React workflows and functional libraries
  • Functional and business understanding (standards and procedures such as unit testing, user acceptance testing, integration testing)

First things first, let us touch base on the various factors and elaborate on the essentials to consider while hiring React developers:

Industry or Domain Knowledge:


Custom web development is a hard skill and technical training the employees is never a matter of concern. Having niche or industry knowledge proves to be an added advantage as he is well aware of how to use and apply React web development skills. The right questions on the fundamentals of industry knowledge help you understand whether the candidate is fit for your role. Questions on the latest implications done can also help here.



Running through the profile and portfolio would give you detailed work insights of the candidates. Take special care when screening the resumes or portfolios as that is the basis for your decision on whether the individual is apposite for the role that you are offering.

NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement:


You would definitely not appreciate it if your innovative ideas are leaked or disclosed without your consent. Hence as a safety policy always check whether the React web development team signs an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement before undertaking your project. However, these documents are self-reliant yet as a better professional practice, certain background checks from your side or through an agency can be of great help.

Understand the time zone:


It is always advisable to understand the time zone in which the offshore delivery team works in. Diligence upgrades the quality of delivery of the work or React projects undertaken. If you go against the natural flow then it impacts the work if the React developers are exhausted. Schedule calls and meetings when the React developers are in mode of work for better results.

SLA(Service Level Agreement):


Set the deadlines and be stringent in getting the allocated tasks done within timelines. Have concrete deadlines and track the progress of deliverables. Though micro-management is not advisable but effective management guarantee timely delivery.

Adjacent technology knowledge :


The client should be well informed about the progress and should get technical suggestions on what are the latest trends and technologies in React. So having expertise on the adjacent technologies will always prove as an advantage. As a recruiting or hiring manager always ask for technologies that the React developer is comfortable with and gain insights on how flexible they are to work on various upscaling technologies.


This blog is a guidebook that is an exhaustive one and has covered all the essential tips to consider while hiring React developers. If the React developers prerequisites are set then hiring React developers seems to be a smooth process. Hire our React developers who can not just scale your businesses but also recommend the best practices to incorporate in terms of technical aspects. We adopt an agile way of work and opt for a result-oriented approach. In addition to this, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA before undertaking any assignment and ensure deliverables within the set SLA(Service Level Agreement) guidelines.

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