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Things to Know before Starting Website Development Project


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Things to Know before Web Development project


through this article you will get idea on things you need to know before starting website development solutions that are not just cost-effective but hassle-free.

It is a challenging and tedious task if you are working for the first time with a WordPress developer.WordPress website development projects are preferred over custom web development because it has a range of advantages that it has to offer.WordPress is a leading platform that brings business requirements into reality. It seems to be a cost-effective solution that adds value to most of the websites developed across the globe. This article has guidelines and things you need to know before starting with your website development project.

Define your area of interest or niche:


The first step of any website development project is defining your area of interest or niche. Market drift should also be a prerequisite before you undertake a project.

Understanding the business needs and requirements:


You need to target your audience according to the business needs and requirements. In addition to this, some unique and interesting ways are to be noted down to attract potential consumers.

Set a budget plan:


You need to go for setting up an effective budget plan considering the contingency expenses. Management of cash flow is essential to interest profits and revenues in turn.

Determine the outcomes or expected results:


ROI (Return On Investment) is a factor that is considered at the early stage of a website development project. A certain set of KPI(Key Performance Indicators) is defined to measure the expected results or outcomes at the end of the website development.

Effective Project Management:


Management is the key for any project to be a success. Across the website development industry, most of the projects fail to meet their goals because of ineffective project management. The smart project management team makes the project-defined goals more achievable.

Leverage cost-effective hosting infrastructure:


Always opt for a reliable approach when you want to implement or rather deploy your business website on the internet. Go with the CDN(Content Delivery Network) cache to keep your business website available to your target audience around the clock.

Choosing the right domain name:


Always consider these four perspectives before you finalize the URL or domain name for your business website.

  • Human - Name that is easy to read and remember
  • Brand - Aligned to the business
  • SEO - Relevant to the business
  • Legal - Consider copyrights

Selection of the right web development technology:


The technology world is evolving every second so there are numerous web development technologies and choosing the right technology for your project becomes a tough choice. Seek guidance and consult experts before selecting or finalizing the web development technology for your project.

Define deadlines:


Timeframes and timelines are a must for any project delivery. Define the deadlines depending on the priority and dependency of the task to be completed. Micromanagement is not a correct option but always have clear communication with your website developers on deadlines or timelines. Also setting daily as well as weekly timelines helps in easy tracking of the work progress.

Digital marketing strategies:


An effective digital marketing strategy is one that helps your business website to stand out among the various other websites on the internet. The various aspects of digital marketing are as follows:

  • Search Engine Marketing - Should follow a genuine reliable SEO plan
  • Social Media Marketing - Social networking sites integration
  • Client Reviews - Google rating also have an impact on the target audience
  • Track Performance - Understanding analytics will help you take necessary actions to bring things under control
  • CTA Strategies - The call to action is a critical factor when it comes to content and website design
  • User Onboarding - To educate and guide the target audience
  • Sitemap Creation - It is the summary of the entire website you have developed

Content strategy is the need of the hour as in digital marketing it is treated like a king. Focus on the content layout should also be a point of focus in order to achieve marketing goals. The website content planning is not a cakewalk as it requires an in-depth understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords with some CTA (Call To Action) motivating words that can grab the attention of the visitors and target audience.

Final Verdict:

Irrespective of the hierarchy and how small or big your business is WordPress offers your websites with a list of benefits attracting traffic of visitors and in turn high returns. Running through this article and understanding the guidelines on things you need to know before starting with your website development project we conclude that expertise in WordPress development should be an essential prerequisite to ripe the benefits of WordPress for your business development. Hire WordPress developers who have acquired knowledge and expertise on leading CMS platform WordPress along with the various features as well as latest updates. We believe in innovative implications in business websites and customize digital solutions that are not just cost-effective but hassle-free.

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