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The Future of eCommerce 2021: 5 Trends to Help Your Online Store


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Future of eCommerce


With the increase in online shopping, there is certainly a change in the future of eCommerce as well.Here in this article, we have mentioned 5 eCommerce trends that we will see in the future.

Do you ever think about the future of eCommerce? Well, what am I even asking? This is the common topic everyone researches about. You are also here to know about that only. 

eCommerce has seen a boost in sales and its users in recent years (especially in COVID-era). According to Statista, around 2 million people did online shopping in the year 2020 and the e-retail sales accounted for 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Among all the eCommerce stores the one with the highest sales and revenue is Amazon. There were around 5.2 billion unique visitors to Amazon's website. Isn’t that crazy? With the increase in online shopping, there is certainly a change in the future of eCommerce as well. 


Here in this article, we have mentioned 5 eCommerce trends that we will see in the future.

FYI: There are around 1,000,000 websites in 175 different countries built by the Shopify developer.

5 Trends to Watch Out in the Future of eCommerce

1. Automated Services

the future of ecommerce automated services - shopify store

With the technological development and availability of high-tech products, automation services will be a part of future eCommerce sales. Even today in many sectors, robotic devices and drones are used to find, identify, and deliver products to warehouses. 

Apart from drones and robotics, the chatbots on the websites are also considered automation services. Something clicked, right? Yes, even now almost every website owner opts for the chatbot to give the personalized solution to the customer or the visitor.

2. Increase in Voice Search


Products like AmazonEcho (Alexa), and GoogleHome (Google Assistant) are virtual assistants designated to every individual or family. The time is not far away when we will be shopping for apparel with the help of voice search.

eCommerce retail websites like Amazon, eBay, Taobao, etc. remember your preference and shows you the products as per your choice. 

According to the EMarketer, voice search in the USA accounts for 1/3rd of its population which was in the year 2019. It is expected to grow by 9.7%, accounting for 122.7 million users by 2021.

3. Mobile Commerce Will Boom

the future of ecommerce mobile commerce will boom - shopify website

There is a reason why digital marketers tell you to have a mobile-friendly website. If your online retail store isn’t mobile-friendly, there are 30% chances that a customer will only abandon the products in the cart.

The COVID pandemic has given a sudden rise to mCommerce or Mobile Commerce. The number of smartphone users is continuously increasing. 

In the year 2018, mobile sales accounted for $148.08 billion which soared high up to $268.21 billion in the year 2020. Also, it is expected that these numbers will double in the next two years (2021 and 2022) securing revenue between $345 billion to $432 billion. (Statista)

Pro Tip: Understand the importance of a mobile-friendly eCommerce website and contact a Shopify website designer to build an online store with a seamless experience.

4. Omnichannel Experience

the future of ecommerce omnichannel experience - shopify web development

Omnichannel experience means having the availability of the store both digitally and physically. Having an online store doesn’t end the need for a physical store. There will always be debates between online and offline shoppers. 

Also, the omnichannel experience can help you earn high ticket sales. There are chances a potential customer will come across your brand through social media but would like to buy from the store and vice versa. Never ever leave a dead-end for the customer and provide them with the service that will make them come back.

5. More Sustainable Products

the future of ecommerce more sustainable products - shopify store

There has been constant awareness going on for eco-friendly and sustainable products to save the environment. And indeed there is an impact of it on online sales as well. Almost every company and brand has opted for sustainable products as expected by their customer.

Make your packaging eco-friendly along with the products. More than 60% of the consumers look for sustainable products and advocate them as well. Big companies in the market are pledging to have zero carbon emissions in upcoming years. 


The future of eCommerce is in your hand, go and conquer it! Haha! The above-mentioned eCommerce trends will help you in earning higher revenues. Also remember, this isn’t only for B2C stores but for the B2B stores as well.

All this is possible only if your website has scalability, flexibility, mobile-friendliness, and SEO capabilities. You already know what to do - contact the Shopify expert, and you will have a website with all of these features.

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