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Essential skillset for a Shopify Developer


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Skills for Shopify Developer


Working on Shopify soft skills is also equally important in the technical domain as it is the need of the hour. here are some essential skills and resources that can be of great use in the development.

When it comes to selling, shipping, and processing payments for digital stores then Shopify is the most trusted brand in lucrative marketplaces. It is a single point of e-commerce platform that helps online shopkeepers start, run, and in turn grow businesses online. The aid that online shopping has is you can market your products/services anytime and anywhere. Digital analytics have proven to be a boon for most online businesses.

Efficiency and ease in handling the online business account should be the primary goal of any Shopify Developer while designing a digital shop. The design of the online shop would be such that it adds value to the stakeholders and in turn helps in the expansion of online business.

With a technical skillset alone it is next to impossible to create an impression or impact in the digital market. The merchants invest in online business and pay fair prices to Shopify developers who pitch their leads and help in larger sales conversions.

Let us explore together different definitions and essential skillset for a Shopify Developer.

Who is a Shopify Developer?


A web developer or a specialized developer who has the expertise and a thoughtful understanding of how Shopify functions is a Shopify Developer. The functional knowledge of Payment gateways, logistics, navigations, and inventory management can prove to be an additional benefit for Shopify developers.

Pre-requisites to learn Shopify development:


There are two verticals to grow in as a Shopify developer is Shopify Theme Development and Shopify Application Development. Each vertical requires a different skill set and let us deep dive in the same. Also, Shopify provisions for Shopify developers to create, test, and publish the Shopify-based theme or application for free.

Shopify Theme Development :


Shopify Theme Development doesn’t use the standard PHP framework instead it makes use of Liquid (Shopify’s Markup Language).

  • Frontend web development technologies : HTML , CSS, Javascript
  • Libraries: jquery and Command-line
  • Knowledge of website security is a plus

Shopify Application Development :


Shopify Application Development focuses more on the web development section and web developers use a range of programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Node JS.

  • Full-stack  web development skillset
  • Basic knowledge of frontend web development technologies
  • Understanding GraphQL and APIs

Softskills: There are many soft skills that are must-haves that are taken into consideration while hiring a good Shopify developer.

  • Communication skills: Delivery of information is essential in a clear and correct format understandable to the customers.
  • Domain Knowledge: You might be a Shopify expert but it is always critical to understand the domain terminologies that you work on. Unless you don’t know the preset standards how can you strategize and plan to launch new ventures?
  • Problem-solving: The web development domain should always be open to taking up new challenges. The problems and hindrances can refrain you from cracking deals and smooth delivery. This soft skill is the most important for solving minor to major problems.

Quick tips for Shopify developers:

  • Slow and thoughtful coding should be a practice 
  • Focus on the objectives and client requirements
  • Visualize your code
  • Initial set-up and maintenance
  • Try and error mechanism

Some useful resources for Shopify developers (Shopify Theme + Shopify Application Developers):

  • Shopify Blogs: Shopify Partner blogs inspire Shopify developer aspirants giving guidelines and insights on top-notch solutions implemented worldwide.
    • Shopify Partner Academy: There are free courses available where Shopify experts teach the usage of various tools.
  • Shopify Podcasts: The learners who aim for the proper utility of their time then podcasts are the most convenient mode of learning.
  • Shopify Entrepreneurs: A community of entrepreneurs with a size of twenty-two thousand Facebook members helps young aspirants with knowledge on practical challenges and solutions experienced by the owners.
  • Shopify Technical Support: The business owners have support around the clock and that makes Shopify a choice of most online merchants.
  • Shopify e-book: This is best for amateurs and beginners to gain knowledge on learning the crux of any web development absolutely for free.


Understanding the essential skills and resources that can be of great use for any Shopify developer is enlisted above. We are at a conclusive point that Shopify developers skills are the backbone for any online shop development and help flourish online businesses. Working on soft skills is also equally important in the technical domain as it is the need of the hour. If you are looking for Shopify experts to launch your business hire Shopify Developers that help you meet the business requirements in the most effective manner.

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