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Ways to safeguard businesses by strengthening IT Cyber security


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Safeguard Businesses by Cyber Security


The IT Cybersecurity domain is changing rapidly and due to digitalization, the complexities in this field are a bit challenging. Most of the small companies and businesses built online neglect the cyber security aspects.

The IT Cybersecurity domain is changing rapidly and due to digitalization, the complexities in this field are a bit challenging. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has enforced certain laws for the safety and protection of the citizens and has brought a paradigm shift in business operations. Online and virtual workstations are the new normal these days. Every coin has two sides, so does the cyber security industry. The greatest threat that businesses run online today is cybercrime and security threats. These adversities definitely debar brand loyalty and customers’ trust.

Understanding the stated facts and figures on cyberattacks across the information industry, a few takeaways that are shocking and astonishing is that though due to the breakdown of the pandemic when industries were trying means to adapt to the uncertainty. Statistics quote around 600% rise was observed in the number of cyberattacks and security threats. Amongst sectors, financial industries faced the majority of losses and attacks. Further analysis expects approximate cyberattacks costs to go up to 06 trillion dollars.

Most of the small companies and businesses built online neglect the cyber security aspects. We all are aware it takes a lot of effort to build and run businesses but a single alarming cyberattack can diminish months of effort. Being a business owner if you are looking for ways to safeguard businesses by strengthening IT Cybersecurity then this article is a guidebook that can help you with the same. Let us explore together a few ways and methodologies.

Use complex passwords:


Having strong passwords that are changed at regular intervals is a common but very important measure to be taken when it comes to cyber security. Firms should include strategies that make the employees set strong passwords in their organization’s policy. The organizations’ staff must follow a set of standards when setting passwords and below is an enlisted checklist of change password policies:

  • Previously set passwords can not be repeated ever
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numerical digits
  • The length of the new password should vary between 08 to 12 digits

Keep your software up to date:


The whole purpose of software updates is to refrain from vulnerabilities and certain security threats. The patching activities restrict bugs and also the updates secure your software from unnecessary viruses entering. Being a business lead irrespective of the work patterns it should be mandatory practice to research the best antivirus software available in the information technology market that caters to the security needs of your firm and install it as early as possible.

Refrain from opening spam emails:


The organization’s staff must be well-educated on not opening suspicious emails. These emails might steal and leak some confidential data. Studies say that the risk of cyberattacks like phishing potentially increases targeting the unsuspected group of audiences from a non-trustworthy source. Clicking and navigating through these mails redirect and attack the critical data proving to be a successful hack. Such cybercrimes can stain the brand’s reputation with just a mouse click.

Install firewalls:


A guard to safeguard online business is by installing and configuring a firewall between your firm’s system and the internet. This measure has proven to be the most effective way to safeguard and protect systems from malware if installed correctly. It does wonders once the configuration is up and set properly.

Train and educate employees on cyber security policies:


This type of training program should be a part of the induction courses as employees are the strongest link in safeguarding businesses if educated properly. They do not just help you protect the firm’s system from cyber threats but take up responsibilities on safeguarding on their own shoulders as a predominant stakeholder.

Cloud backup and recovery mechanism:


Every software firm should encourage the concept of contingency plans and policies. Prevent and safeguard software well in hand rather than facing vulnerabilities in near future. Taking backups as a recovery mechanism ensures data safety and security aspects. Because each backup activity enables a data quality check and multiple data audits. Also in case of any cyber-attacks, your data is safe and sound with you irrespective of the leakages.

Control accesses to safeguard critical and vital data:


Special privileges are to be granted as per the role and responsibilities handled by the particular employee. So that business-critical data is handled and viewed only by the team of experts. This minimizes the chance of cybercrimes. 

  • No data should be copied on external storage devices
  • No usage of personal devices
  • Opt for virtual desktops
  • Limitations to be set when it comes to the type of attachments and mails
  • Content scans at regular intervals

Install Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on websites:


The best security protocol practice is installing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to boost website security and this also aids SEO(Search Engine Optimization) marketing. The website’s target audience has an impression of trustworthiness thereby increasing the traffic. I addition to this, the website appears on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Regular monitoring:


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) should be used to monitor the network activities at regular intervals. In case of any fraudulent activity, alerts should be set that inform the Security officer.

Final Verdict:

Major takeaways after defining and understanding ways to safeguard businesses by strengthening IT Cyber security. Be whatever the size and hierarchy of the industry or firm security principles and guidelines must be taken with utmost sincerity and seriousness. To safeguard yourself and in turn, the business built online from unnecessary stress it becomes essential to have a meticulous team of audit experts that have attention to detail on various security aspects. So that potential future threats can be encountered before they turn into cybercrimes. Hire our team of technical ninjas who adhere to the predefined IT Security Principles and Standards when designing and developing websites as well as web applications.

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