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Responsive Web Design vs Mobile App: What Works for your Business?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Web Design vs Mobile App


There is no longer a question that your organization needs a mobile application development strategy – without a doubt do – yet regardless of which can serve you better, a mobile application a responsive website.

Around half of the web search traffic overall comes from a cell phone. In the first quarter of 2021, cell phones produced 58.56 percent of worldwide site traffic. Since 2017, the number has stayed stable at around 50%. In any case, with numerous organizations at present speeding up digital initiatives, moving to digital models of business solely, the rollout of 5G, and expanding IoT gadgets, it is safe to expect that numbers will rise dramatically in the coming years.

There is no longer a question that your organization needs a mobile application development strategy – in light of the fact that you without a doubt do – yet regardless of which can serve you Better, a mobile application or a responsive website.

At face value, mobile websites and applications can look basically the same; nonetheless, they are two totally different mobile mediums. Choosing which medium serves your requirements best relies upon a few components, including target audience, spending plan, and goal. To make it simpler for you to figure out where you need to focus your endeavors, we have broken up what every alternative means for the user experience.

Mobile Application


Mobile applications can easily reach out to one of the capacities of an advanced cell phone: camera, microphone, NFC, Face ID, GPS. It means you can carry out nearly anything in a mobile application, and it will work conveniently, without slacking. The mobile application user experience is smooth and advantageous, and this impacts conversions, satisfaction rates, and your brand reputation.
Notwithstanding, as the quantity of mobile applications has reached more than 4,000,000 on the
App Store and Google Play Store combined, it is troublesome to get individuals to download new applications. Then again, engagement is normally higher with a mobile application because of the worth an application can bring: access from any place, geolocation highlights, and unique elements like QR code scanners, augmented reality, and push notifications.

How about we summarize the upsides and downsides of versatile applications for Organizations?


  • Adaptable and useful – you can carry out in a real sense anything your business needs.
  • Admittance to mobile-specific qualities like pop-up messages, geolocation, cameras, and so on.
  • Capacity to add engaging components like gamification.
  • Users spend more time in and engage more with mobile applications such as social apps.
  • Smooth UX.
  • Safer than a site.
  • Incredible execution and speed.
  • Quick response time.


  • Gaining users is troublesome.
  • Higher development cost.
  • Take lots of time and resources to build a high-quality app

Responsive web design


As of now, a responsive design is the best practice for site development. Google urges developers and organizations to construct responsive sites and positions them higher in search. So, what is so incredible about having a responsive site? Can a website win if looking at mobile applications versus responsive website design?

To begin with, it is adaptable. We can use responsive sites on any gadget, whether the device is a tablet, cell phone, or desktop. Any operating system and any browser ought to be able to load them. Not only is a website quick to develop, yet it is likewise responsive to change and simple to play out A/B testing on.

Since the lone thing users need to do is click on a link to reach your site, it is a lot simpler to get new users with the site than with a mobile application. You can add lead magnets to your website and get the email of expected users to later advance your services and products through email marketing.

The primary downside of a mobile website is its usefulness. It will not ever be as helpful to use as a mobile application because there is no association with device hardware. Likewise, mobile websites are frequently slower, and their format is less helpful than that of a mobile application.
We should summarize the upsides and downsides of a responsive mobile website.


  • It takes less time to develop.
  • Less expensive to develop.
  • Work perfectly on any platform and on any device.


  • Higher response time than a mobile application.
  • Less helpful to use on a mobile phone.
  • Restricted functionality with no access to a device’s hardware.

Which is better for your business?

Nonetheless, the ideal decision relies upon your business goals. In the event that you will likely offer mobile-friendly substance to a wide scope of individuals, then, at that point, a responsive web design is presumably the best approach. Be that as it may, assuming you need to connect better, cooperate with, and engage with your users to drive client steadfastness, a mobile application introduces itself as a superior choice. No matter what service you need, web developers or UI/UX designer Redlio developers will always be there for you. Reach out now.

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