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8 Relevant Questions To Ask A WordPress Developer


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Questions To Ask WordPress Developer


Relevant Questions To Ask A WordPress Developer before you hire and finalize them to take up your WordPress website development project.

WordPress is a leading service platform for website development these days. The WordPress developers and business owners find WordPress as an easy methodology for website development. The in-built features of Themes and Plugins make WordPress famous for Top-notch website development. Once you have decided to curate a website for your company either as a  WordPress-developed website or through custom web development. Enlist in clear terms the business and functional specifications. The second predominant task that prevails in the mind of the business owner is to hire an adept WordPress professional. Although, profile screening and hiring WordPress seems to be a tiresome activity. 

Here is an article that has the top 8 Relevant Questions To Ask A WordPress Developer before you hire and finalize them to take up your WordPress website development project. If the answers or responses do not seem satisfactory you need to screen more profiles to find the perfect candidate to undertake your company’s WordPress website development project.

The 8 Relevant Questions To Ask A WordPress Developer in this article are a combination of basic and advanced questions.

What are the challenges and setbacks faced when building a website for your clients? How did you overcome them?


The challenges and setbacks faced when building websites give you a clear picture of problem-solving abilities. Simply asking for solutions would not help you understand the WordPress developer’s thought process on tackling bugs and issues. In addition to this their investigation skills and stress handling capabilities are also examined.

Could you let us know what steps are involved/basic plan to develop a WordPress plugin?


This question is more relevant for experienced WordPress developers as it falls in the category of advanced questions for WordPress developers. The enlisted are the basic steps to develop a WordPress plugin:

  1. Decide on a unique name
  2. Organize PHP folders and subfolders
  3. Create and develop WordPress plugin file
  4. Then go for activation and deactivation steps
  5. Prepare an uninstallation script and lastly, a readme.txt file

What are the prerequisites to run WordPress?


The prerequisites to WordPress are as follows:

  1. PHP version must be 7.2 and above
  2. Preferrable to have HTTPS support
  3. MySQL database must be 5.6 and above
  4. Servers must support PHP framework and MySQL database

Can we discuss performance tuning activities in WordPress? How can you make the WordPress website speedy?


It is always advantageous for a WordPress developer to have knowledge of digital marketing strategies like Social Media Marketing as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Speed is an essential factor when it comes to digitalization. A few performance tuning focal points in WordPress are:

  • Stability of the web servers
  • Use very few in-built WordPress plugins
  • Less complex code snippets
  • Compress images
  • Server response time should be minimal

What type of security measures will you take when developing WordPress websites?


Cybersecurity is one of the essential pillars of WordPress websites to be stress-free. Question on the advanced preventative measures taken by the WordPress developer to protect as well as secure websites from bugs and other vulnerabilities. Security threats can hamper the reputation and brand loyalty of the businesses. 

Any contingency plans or data restoration WordPress websites?


Kudos to WordPress as it has an in-built feature to protect your websites from external cyber crimes. Backups and thinking of contingency plans are essential for any WordPress developer. Because data retrieval is the sole responsibility of the WordPress consultant team in case the websites are hacked or deleted by human error.

Do you provide post-production or after go-live support? Elaborate on the support and maintenance services.


Being a business owner asking WordPress developers how do they handle post-launch issues and bugs will give you insights on whether they have full website maintenance plans or not. If not then you need to hire or go for a post-production support plan.

As a business owner will I get complete ownership rights?


Having 100% ownership rights of your website is always appreciable as your business makes profits and builds brand identity through the WordPress-developed website. Below accesses should be given to you as a business owner:

Let us wrap up -

In the digital era, your business website is a gate pass to target your audience or visitors. An attractive company website abiding by digital marketing standards can take your business to greater avenues in terms of revenue as well as brand loyalty. Going for creating your own business website seems to be a tricky and risky option as it might at times exasperate the audience. Hiring an experienced WordPress developer is not just a need by a want for your website to stand out on the internet. The article has all the relevant questions when it comes to hiring WordPress professionals. Hire WordPress developers who do website development congenial to the visitors tailoring your business specifications.

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