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React Vs Vue: A Battle of Two Most Popular Front-end JS Framework


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

React vs Vue JS Framework


React VS Vue is the two niche players as Javascript-based frameworks or libraries. These two frameworks are popular and predominant among web developers.

Javascript-based frameworks are ever-evolving and with time the front-end web developers are spoilt for choice which framework to opt for. The selection process for which tools and technologies to utilize for building web applications is challenging and tricky.

On basis of their expertise, deep analysis, and investigation on the business requirements and needs, the solution architects, as well as the web developers, decide what’s the best suited Javascript-based framework for their project.

React supports declarative views, component-driven development, and the creation of add-on features irrespective of writing the available codes again. Vue on the other hand is a Javascript-based framework used for building user interactive interfaces and single-page applications. Both the Javascript-based frameworks are an extensive learning curve and high speed. In addition to this these React VS Vue has virtual DOM (Document Object Model) in common.

Usage statistics say that there is tough competition amongst the Javascript-based frameworks React VS Vue for web development. This article illustrates a clear understanding and comparison between the two Javascript-based frameworks React VS Vue.

React-React is a Javascript-based open-source library released in the year 2013  developed by Facebook for building single-page applications. The syntax used for React views is JSX (JavaScript XML).The coding speed is fast because of the simplified development structure and aids in smooth browser updates. React utilizes the concept of one-way binding and is more scalable than the wide range of Javascript-based libraries available. React also supports component-driven development and allows the reuse of developed component snippets.

Let us discuss a few advantages that React library has to offer to web developers:


  • Mediocre learning curve - React is a mediocre programming language for front-end web development. The prerequisites of React are having basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Simplified framework - On comparing the various front-end framework web development technologies, React has a well-defined lifecycle process and component-driven development approach.
  • Supports SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - React overcomes the limitation of most of the Javascript-based frameworks and libraries. React proves to be SEO friendly and uses the concept of virtual DOM(Document Object Model).
  • Unilateral dataflow - React supports unilateral dataflow which is download. It also helps in hassle-free updates and modifications of objects. The larger amounts of data aren’t affected by the smaller chunks of data.

Vue: Vue is a progressive Javascript-based framework introduced in the year 2014, developed by Evan You. The primary focus of this Javascript-based framework development of engaging and interactive single-page web applications. The coding speed is faster in comparison to the available Javascript-based frameworks in the web development technology market.JSX(Javascript XML) and HTML are the two base programming languages used.

Discussing the few benefits will understand why Vue is advantageous:


  • Smaller file size - Vue allows the user community to separate the runtime and compiler (virtual DOM template compiler)
  • Simpler development - Vue supports the development of both single web page applications and reusable component snippets. The not-so-complex structure helps web developers to easily find bugs and errors in code blocks.
  • In-detail documentation - Learning and coping up with Vue is much more simple than React or any other Javascript-based framework because of exhaustive and comprehensive documentation. As a beginner because of the simplicity and flexibility having knowledge of basic technologies like HTML and Javascript is more than sufficient.
  • Support two-way binding - Vue facilitates dual-mode communication and hence increases the response speed. For different components or individual code blocks, one-way flow is also supported.

Conclusions and major takeaways :

React VS Vue is the two niche players as Javascript-based frameworks or libraries. These two frameworks are popular and predominant among web developers. If the criterion or business requirements need a simplified development structure then React is a good option to go with. Easy integration coupled with the best documentation web developers recommends for Vue. For recommendations and clarified forecast of technologies hire our React developers. They will help your business flourish by investigating and analyzing the business requirements.

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