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Top 20 React Libraries and Frameworks to Look Out for in 2021


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

ReactJS Frameworks


Some of the popular ReactJS frameworks and libraries for the development of mobile and web applications user interfaces. it’s mandatory to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and updates

Technology is an ever-changing domain and as a developer, it’s mandatory to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and updates. Adapting and acquainting with the dynamic work environments and keeping the avid learner within you awake is the characteristic of a good developer within you. If JavaScript is your core technology then this article is for you.

ReactJS has many benefits and perks to offer such as development time is fast, enhanced productivity, and stable codes. For building user interfaces, ReactJS is a predominant JavaScript library. It is considered as an advanced level of ReactJS libraries as suggested by the React developers. This blog is a rollercoaster ride of the popular ReactJS frameworks and libraries for the development of mobile and web applications user interfaces. The ReactJS framework comprises independent code blocks called components, they support the creation of awesome mobile applications and web pages.

Let us discuss a few ReactJS frameworks and libraries that will help you build amazing user interfaces for web applications and mobile applications:

  • Redux: Redux is a predictable framework that helps the web and mobile application developers write consistent codes and run them in different environments like a native, client, and server. They are easy to test and are persistent. Redux can work with any UI layer and utilize time travel debugging.
  • Create React App: It helps you build or set up modern web and mobile applications running a single command. Create React App is a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool as it requires you to build dependency without compliance restraints.
  • Rebass: Rebass is a primitive ReactJS build-styled system for quick design and development.
  • React Admin: An open-source B2B(Business to Business) React framework used to build many projects alongside.
  • MUI(Material UI): It is a packed suite integrated for the creation of impactful UI designs.MUI is popular among all the available ReactJS libraries because it is simple, lightweight, and user-friendly.MUI has gained popularity because of the latest updates and trends.
  • Ant design: This is a framework used for the design of enterprise-level products.Second popular among the ReactJS developers because of the seamless user experience and hassle-free integrated solutions.
  • Grommet: A combust package offering modularity, responsiveness, accessibility, and effective atomic design strategies. Specially curated for the design of mobile and web applications designs.
  • MobX: A state management tool with the backbone of ReactJS and follows functional reactive programming (FRP). It overcomes the challenge of an inconsistent state. MobX allows the web and mobile application developers to manipulate the state.
  • Evergreen UI: ReactJS framework for creating ambitious projects. Amongst all the React frameworks it is highly flexible and favorable for enterprise-grade. Evergreen UI has a set of components that work out of the box.
  • Styled-Components: Styled components is ReactJS based library that overcomes the disadvantage of classical CSS syntax of unusually overwriting selectors. It embeds the CSS syntax and helps developers create reusable components for the appearances of mobile and web application user interfaces.
  • Semantic UI React: It contains declarative APIs, sub-components, and auto-controlled states. The Semantic UI has themes as CSS stylesheets. On the contrary Semantic UI React has reusable components and follows a component-driven approach.
  • BlueprintJS: An optimized ReactJS library for the complex design of mobile and web applications. It improves the usability of the forms by label props.
  • React Spinner: Halogen is the core of React Spinner. This library provides more than 20 React loaders. This is highly advantageous during page loading as it provides a better user experience and users don’t feel the need or sense of urgency to leave the page.
  • React Bootstrap: The ReactJS library has React. JS  instead of Bootstrap. It helps users gain better control over components’ functionalities.
  • React DnD: This library supports dragging and dropping off various visual objects on the screen.
  • React Fabric: A fabric object with properties to manipulate. CSS (SASS), Webpack, and ES6+ are the front-end language modules used. This gives an effect of animations on the screen.
  • React Desktop: The library that imitates and helps mobile and web developers to build desktops with extensive appearances and features.
  • React Visualized: React Visualized is a library based on the Virtual DOM (VDOM) programming concept that renders the components for your application list and grid. For better performance and windowing it uses HTML elements.
  • React Motion: Animation React-based library that aids and supports mobile and web applications developers to create realistic animations which are natural-looking and physical based.

conclude that this article has competent libraries that help accomplish various JavaScript tasks and our ReactJS professional experts help you understand the project requirements and recommend the appropriate ReactJS framework and library. We hire ReactJS developers to build web and mobile applications for our customers and client base.

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