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Commonly Asked PPC Questions With Answers


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Commonly PPC Questions With Answers


This article has almost covered all the commonly asked PPC questions with answers yet there are a few questions that are unanswered.glad to assist you with the best of our knowledge and expertise.

Pay Per Click abbreviated as PPC is a digital marketing strategy to market and expand your online business. This is a mechanism to buy visitors to your website rather than opting for earning customers through organic search. The renowned form of PPC is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to advertise and the advertisers then bid for PPC keywords. The search engines are paid a small amount or fee when the PPC Ad relevant to your business is clicked upon by a website visitor. The higher the number of clicks on the PPC Ad the less the CPC (Cost Per Click) and so is the successful PPC campaign. Let us run through the most commonly asked PPC questions with answers.

What are the ways in which we can optimize PPC?


Enlisted are the ways in which we can optimize PPC and in turn, increase the return on investment.

  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Account Restructuring
  • PPC Ad Copy Optimisation
  • Audience Targeting
  • PPC Ad Ranking
  • Bid Adjustments 
  • IP Exclusion
  • Budgeting

What are the different types of PPC research keywords?


The different types of PPC research keywords and their categories are as follows.

  • Branded keywords: comprises of brand relevant names
  • Commercial keywords: most valuable research keywords
  • Competitor keywords: having competitors names and important keywords
  • Broad keywords: to increase visibility and interest trust broadening the business horizons
  • Long-tail keywords: low volume precise keywords

Why is my CPC or Cost Per Click increasing at a rapid pace?


PPC marketing is considered valuable as there is a distinguished set of keywords that deliver the maximum click count of the visitors. The keyword research is necessary and it is the basis for finalizing the CPC rates. The CPC is increasing aggressively because of the various factors that are jotted down below.

  • Competition: The better the keyword list the more is the cost which is much similar to someone creating an optimized research keyword list like you.
  • Relevant keywords: Be the proper keyword text, ads, or groups.
  • Webpage quality: Quality website content along with CTAs.
  • Creative: Top-notch designs yet persuasive attract visitors.
  • Quality Score: It is Google’s rating endowed to the PPC Ad depending on the relevance of keywords, landing pages, and PPC Ad campaigns. The lower the quality score the CPC goes high.

What is the recommended keyword count for any PPC Ad group?


The PPC Account manager decides on the structure of the PPC Ad and the number of keywords. The average count of PPC keywords should be 20. If the PPC count ranges between 10 to 15 then double-check on the keywords chosen and whether they are a good match for the Ad group.

How long does it take to test a PPC Ad and what are the parameters taken into consideration for PPC Ad Auction?


PPC Ad testing is an iterative task called PPC Ad copy analysis and there are a few metrics to perform this activity.

  • Click through rate: Ratio of clicks per impression
  • Conversion rate: Ratio of conversions per click
  • Impressions to Conversions: Ratio of conversions of impressions

How does PPC keyword research happen?


Though being a time-consuming process, PPC keyword research is important for sorting effective keywords. Keyword research should not be performed only once as you may probably miss out on thousands of valuable website traffic-driven keywords. The PPC keyword should be.

  • Relevant: The PPC keywords you use must be closely relevant and associated with the offering of a particular good or service.
  • Exhaustive: The golden rule of PPC keyword research is not always opting for frequently used keywords but long-tail keywords which are less commonly used yet competitive. The long-tail keyword is a pocket-friendly choice.
  • Expansive: Refine and redefine the PPC keyword list as per the digital marketing trends.

What should be the amount that you should spend on Google Ads?


There is no fixed amount that is suggested to spend on Google Ads as the costing varies across the specializations and industries. Ignoring this aspect of expenditure can make you miss the most valuable part that if handled with proper attention will help attract handsome returns. Deciding on the budget is a mandatory step before you take up a PPC Advertising project. The product of Maximum cost per lead and required number of leads is termed to be the PPC Advertising Budget.

Conclusions and key takeaways:

This article has almost covered all the commonly asked PPC questions with answers yet there are a few questions that are unanswered. Feel free to connect to our digital marketing team for further queries and questions on PPC Management. We would be glad to assist you with the best of our knowledge and expertise. Our PPC team is PPC certified professionals who have adopted a result-driven approach to developing PPC Management strategies that attract traffic and build brand recognition. hire us ofr ppc management for your upcoming projects.

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