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PPC Ads Platforms That Can Increase Your Ads Reach


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

PPC Ads Platforms


there are various PPC Ad Platforms in specific apart from Google Ads.The alternative PPC Ads Platforms like Bing, Quora, Reddit the need to increase your Ads reach at affordable costs.

With digital evolution, the PPC Ads Platforms have flourished in recent years and proven to be a prominent digital marketing strategy. It is an overwhelming task to decide on which Pay Per Click Ads Platform to go for amongst the renowned PPC Ads Platforms as per the digital marketing budget. PPC is no doubt the best digital marketing strategy to monetize a user base. Let us look at the best PPC Ads Platforms that can increase your Ads reach. Out of the many, the five biggest PPC Ads Platforms are:

Google Ads -


The king of online advertising platforms is Google.Google Ads dominate Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as the statistics say that around 33% of the digital marketing agencies opt for Google Ads. The Google Ads secret sauce for success is the varied options that it gives in Ads Auction for bidding.

  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  • Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Number of conversions and clicks

Facebook Ads -


We are leveraging the Social Media Marketing (SMM) platform for PPC Advertising as an average Gen-Z spends around 2 hours and 43 minutes on social media. The Facebook Ads aren’t keyword or text research instead they are banner Ads. They are more likely to click your PPC Ad, become a lead, make a purchase, or watch your video. Advertisers should have Facebook algorithms fundamentals clear to make their target audience take decisions or action thereby generating leads.

Instagram Ads -


One of the fast-growing Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms is Instagram. Instagram Ads gives a golden opportunity to the advertisers to curate visually awesome Ads on the basis of the target audience they want to reach. Instagram proves to be an ideal PPC option if you want to target the young generation.PPC Ad management for Instagram Ads is possible through Facebook’s dashboard or power editor.

LinkedIn Ads -


LinkedIn is a social media professional networking platform evolving in stature these days.B2B (Business to Business) advertisers utilize this PPC platform as the parameters to identify the target audience is job and industry. The staple LinkedIn Ads formats are:

  • InMail
  • Text Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Dynamic Ads

Pinterest Promotion Pins -


Unlike the popular social media platforms, Pinterest does not work in the same fashion as Facebook or Instagram. Pinterest is used for gathering information or taking ideas from. So it becomes an idea generation platform in a particular niche. Pinterest is used to advertise or promote services or products leveraging a hybrid or mixed promotion approach. The digital marketing strategy for Pinterest Promotion Pins is somewhat an amalgamation of Google and Facebook Ads.

Alternative PPC Platforms That Can Increase Your Ads Reach:


The higher the popularity of the PPC platform the less the chances of you getting placements. To diversify the PPC campaign we have some alternative PPC platforms that yield high returns or ROI. The top three alternative PPC platforms are.

Bing Ads -

The PPC Ads displayed on Microsoft’s Bing are nothing but Bing Ads. They are identical to Google Ads. Bing has 23% of the internet’s population and the PPC Ads mechanism is the same as Google Ads. This PPC platform ranks lower than Google as it is ignored by most of the audiences. The CPC (Cost Per Click) is low on Bing when compared to the top five PPC Ads platforms yet visibility is potentially high when your Bing Ads have competitive SEO keywords.

Quora Ads -

A question and answer platform Quora is used to advertise and promote. Quora Ads are placed on question pages relevant to users so that they can make purchases enthusiastically reading questions on the topic of their interest. The questions are the interest surveys that help advertisers curate Quora Ads and find relevant PPC keywords.

Reddit Ads -

One of the most kept secrets by Reddit is the Reddit Ads. Reddit is a discussion forum for communities with similar interests. There are subreddits as well that are related to the niche interests of the audience. Advertisers create copies of Reddit Ads on the basis of subreddits attracting interest to click on the target audience.

Major Takeaways:

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best PPC Ad Platform as per digital marketing requirements. However, there is no harm in trying and testing new avenues or rather PPC Ad Platforms in specific apart from Google Ads. The alternative PPC Ads Platforms like Bing, Quora, Reddit suffice the need to increase your Ads reach at affordable costs. Hire our PPC management team to gain insights on what PPC Ads Platform you can go for reasonable prices. We have the best PPC management professionals whose guidance will not just interest sales but build brand reputation.

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