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Pillars of Digital Marketing


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an online promotion and advertisement strategy to connect with the target audience. which helps businesses to build long-term relationships and has a problem-solving approach.

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. With exponential growth in the number of digital customers and consumers, a mere mobile application or well-designed website doesn’t always serve the purpose of creating digital imprints on the audience.

Digital marketing is an online promotion and advertisement strategy to connect with the target audience. Content published online and email marketing if clubbed together is at times referred to as Inbound Marketing which helps businesses to build long-term relationships and has a problem-solving approach.

Digital Marketing

Be it a B2B or B2C company the digital marketing strategy should be aligned to your customer base. There is a wide range of specializations available in Digital Marketing. Let us discuss a few significant ones which prove to be pillars of Digital Marketing.

  1. Search engine optimization - A digital trend Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO to improve organic search results and list the website on the search engine results page (SERP). It helps the online business drive traffic on their website which is termed Quality of organic traffic.

  2. Content marketing - Development and publication of relevant and useful content to the potential consumers.The persistent use of content marketing aids in building strong and long-term relationships with the target audiences.

  3. Social media marketing - The use of social media to advertise and promote the product/service online is coined as Social media marketing. This type of digital marketing technique tailors and curates the content to drive client engagement and create an impression of the brand focusing on brand loyalty.

  4. Pay-per-click marketing - To generate maximum clicks on your website and drive quality traffic Pay-per-click marketing is the way. This enables the searchers and advertisers to simultaneously measure and advertise products/services.

  5. Affiliate marketing - The promoters earn commissions on promoting or advertising the product/ services for a particular brand digitally is called Affiliate marketing. A payout is paid to the promoter by the brand as per the digital monetization model. The enrollment for this program is usually free and is a low investment online business.

  6. Native advertising - Native advertising is the recommendation on advertisements and specific content on social media. To meet the equilibrium there are bid requests sent from either side Supply and Demand. The programmatic platform helps more engagement of users and in turn higher conversions

  7. Email marketing - Email Marketing is the most powerful form of digital marketing technique that helps business owners to make their customers aware of the latest trends, discounts, and freebies available. This type of digital marketing channel helps in the highest conversions and best ROI (return on investment). Brand awareness and lead generation are what this marketing channel excels in.

Let us wrap up 

Digital marketing has become a predominant part of any online business today as it has many advantages. The few benefits are it is seamless and doesn’t have a geographic boundary restriction. Digital Marketing has proven to be a cost-effective solution that has impressive results. It aids in communicating with users in real-time with easier personalization and expansion of businesses. To grow business online it is always advisable to hire a company proficient in Digital marketing and which assures implementation of the modern digital trends.

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