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Why PHP Should Be Preferred For Startups?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

PHP Development for Startups


An amateur can also easily adapt to the PHP framework because of its simplicity and a lot of many advantages that it offers.Research and analysis are the stepping stones for any project to go smoothly.

Developed in the year 1994 PHP is an intuitive and developer-friendly server-side scripting language.PHP has components written in programming language C while a few of them are in C++.So, basically, the backbone of the PHP framework is C and C++. Along with data management, it also helps web developers create web pages and it also helps in integration with the database. There is not just one reason but many reasons why PHP is preferred by web developers. Choosing a new technology stack might prove to be a potential risk as it might become extinct in near future. So going with something renowned and trusted is the best choice to make. This article is exhaustive and can be a  guidebook on why PHP should be preferred for startups.

Unlike the traditional way, let us begin this article by understanding the applications first of the PHP framework to get an insight on how wide the PHP framework application horizon is.

Applications that use PHP framework:


There is a list of advantages that the PHP framework has, be it cross-platform compatibility, flexibility, or performance. Enlisted are the areas where the PHP framework is used.

  • Web pages and web applications -  PHP works best for a three-tiered architecture as it is compatible with three different layers: browser, server, and database in a linear manner. Enterprise applications are also scripted in PHP.
  • Content Management System or CMS - PHP is compatible with various databases with the same amount of ease and flexibility. It also supports a wide range of protocols.
  • E-commerce Applications - Irrespective of the size of the business PHP aids web development of e-commerce applications in a swift as well as systematic manner.
  • Creation of Flash - Incorporation of Flash elements like e-mails or login forms in dynamic and responsive web pages becomes a cakewalk with PHP.
  • Image Processing and Graphics - To build robust websites or web applications it becomes an essential step to leverage image processing and graphic designs. The various operations are performed like resizing, cropping, rotating so on and so forth on the images. PHP helps integration of the different image processing libraries.
  • Representation of Data -PHP helps in generating PDF-based files as it also facilitates an online invoice system.PHP can represent data in various graphical formats such as scatter-plots, or charts.

Perks that PHP framework has to offer for startups:


PHP is a feature-rich programming language and these are the perks that it offers to web developers.

  • Cost-effective and open-source - It is a programming language that is open-source. That is PHP is available for free and costs nothing.Hence,PHP is cost-effective.
  • Supports customization - The Gen-Z opts for customization and PHP tailors the websites and applications keeping the business requirements as to reference. There are plenty of plugins and extensions available that support customization.
  • Easy to maintain - Easy and self-expressive syntax is what PHP has and so it becomes a simple task when it comes to maintenance of PHP. The scripts or codes written in PHP are easily modified without disturbing the flow.
  • Documentation and community help - This makes the PHP web development journey smooth and self-intuitive. The completion of the codes is at a rapid pace because documents related to PHP are organized very well.
  • Faster development - There are ample in-built features such as functions. libraries,methods,classes, etc. Web developers use these features to make web development quicker and faster. Thus PHP web development is a time-saving activity.
  • Secure and safe - When using PHP you should not worry about the security aspects. PHP offers end-to-end security from breaches and malware. PHP-developed websites are safe from external cyber threats.
  • Awesome web experiences - PHP scripts easily run on various browsers as PHP is cross-platform. Be it Windows or Linux the operating system does not really matter for running PHP-based websites.

Final Verdict:

This article on why PHP should be preferred for startups is informative and you may find many sources of information on PHP web development. An amateur can also easily adapt to the PHP framework because of its simplicity and a lot of many advantages that it offers. Research and analysis are the stepping stones for any project to go smoothly. Running through the application scope of the PHP framework we conclude that PHP is a perfect match for startups. Hire our PHP web development team for better insights on how to drive your startups using PHP. Our team guarantees protection from external cybersecurity threats and fixation of issues post-launch of your web development project using PHP. As we have skilled professionals that have worked in various specializations and industries.

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