Pay Per Click Advertising


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Pay Per Click Advertising


PPC is a prominent online advertising model that has per click pay to the user on clicking the advertisements available. in this article we will understand the fundamentals of Pay Per Click Advertising .

None of us can ignore the advertisements on the various search engines or beside the search results. We all are aware of PPC Management or Pay Per Click Advertising as it is a prominent online advertising model that has per click pay to the user on clicking the advertisements available. Are you a business online who is planning to run a digital store and have dilemmas whether this digital marketing strategy is good or bad for your business in terms of returns on investment? Then you are at the right place as through this article we will understand the fundamentals of Pay Per Click Advertising and the basic process through which the PPC advertisements undergo. Also, we will comment on whether PPC Advertising is a good or a bad investment. So let us start exploring together.

Pay Per Click Advertising 


A digital marketing scheme where the advertisers credit a defined cost per click amount when any of the website visitors click on the displayed advertisement is termed as Pay Per Click Advertising. It is often abbreviated as PPC Advertising. Advertisers leverage social media platforms and various search engines like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads to gain visibility in the digital arena. 

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising 


Types of Pay Per Click Advertising - With digital evolution, conventional methods of advertising like billboards, radio, and television are not enough. Advertisers bid for digital presence. The eight most popular Pay Per Click Advertisement types that use PPC Advertising are:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Paid Social Ads
  • Gmail Sponsored Ads
  • Amazon Ads

How exactly does the Pay Per Click Advertising model work?


For Ads to appear besides SERP or the Search Engine Results Page the advertisers do not just pay more than the competitive digital market rates but every PPC advertisement goes through a four-step basic process called the Ad Auction cycle, which is a complex process. The Ad Auction is an automated bidding system that determines the validity and relevance of the PPC advertisements created. The bidding criterion is the Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click keywords. 

  • Trigger - Whether the target audience can view the created PPC Ad
  • Auction - Competition amongst the various competing PPC Ads to declare a winner Ad
  • Ranking - Quality, and number of bids defines the ranking of PPC Ad
  • Display - The winner Ad is displayed to the visitor.

PPC Advertising a good investment for your business:


In PPC Advertising payment is done as cost per click. Being a business owner bidding on potential research keywords that are more relevant to your business seems to be a sensible choice and this can also give good ROI. Spending on Pay Per Click Advertising is a profitable investment as the right keywords drive the audience and cultivate a business reputation.

Ways to optimize Pay Per Click Ads:


Pay Per Click Advertising is a proven cost-effective digital marketing strategy to peak performance and drive traffic. There are multiple factors that decide the Cost Per Click (CPC) and these are some ways that you can implement to optimize Pay Per Click Ads.

  • Relevance of keywords - Research your target audience and understand what potential keywords would they opt for when searching for the product or service that you wish to advertise.
  • Quality of Ads and landing Page - Click Through Rate or CTR is an easy means to understand whether your PPC Ad is appealing or not.
  • Solid Account Structure - The building block or foundation for PPC Advertising is to have a solid account structure. Five steps for an ideal account structure are.
  • The Campaign Level
  • The Ad Group Level
  • Keyword Selection
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Extensions

Final Verdict

Wrapping our thoughts after understanding Pay Per Click Advertising we can say that this stream of digital marketing is pretty straightforward and simple. It pays per click to the business owners when the website visitors visit your online stores.PPC is a medium from the expansion of small e-commerce businesses and it is definitely a profitable deal in terms of investment. Hire our PPC management team as we claim to be the best in the digital marketing industry. Our past experiences are pieces of evidence on how we have not just increased the number of lead generations but boosted brands to build a reputation in the digital arena.

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