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Why Choose Node.js For Real-Time Application Development


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

NodeJS Application


The mobile app, web app, and desktop app developers investigate and try incorporating as many real-time features as possible to make the application stand out in the technological competition.

With digitalization users’ quest for real-time interactions, the value for time is growing day by day. The mobile app, web app, and desktop app developers investigate and try incorporating as many real-time features as possible to make the application stand out in the technological competition.Node.js is an event-driven and asynchronous JavaScript-based library designed for the creation of scalable server-side networking applications. It runs on the V8 JavaScript engine. 

Real-time applications: An application program that functions within a fixed defined interval of time within minimal latency ideally in seconds is preferred. The worst-case execution time abbreviated as WCET is the response time of the mobile or web application which decides whether the application is real-time or not. These are computing practices that work within specified time stamps referred to as Real-time computing (RTC).

Developers use UML (Unified Modeling Language) and MDD (model-driven development) to obtain RTA performance and speed. Few examples of RTA are VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), e-commerce transactions, IM (instant messaging), and online gaming. Earlier notifications and instant messaging were the primary focus points in real-time applications.

With time there were many technological enhancements in real-time applications development and following the few purposes where the real-time applications are used:

  • Real-Time Notification System: This is the most important system to implement when it comes to engaging more users. The real-time Notification system is the game-changer in real-time application development.

  • Live streaming: For this purpose, the social media platforms are best utilized integrating live streams with the application. The trending live streaming applications are Facebook and Instagram.
  • IoT Devices: It is highly appreciated that the data is collected, transmitted, processed, and presented from the field sensors to the end-users with minimal delay of a fraction of seconds. The application has the capabilities of real-time if implemented effectively.
  • Real-Time Messaging: There are numerous real-time messaging mobile applications in the technological market. Among them, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are very popular. However the real-time messaging features aren’t restricted to communication applications but online shopping, food delivery, and other applications also utilize this real-time facility.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Google Maps uses the features of geo-coordinates and helps the widespread user community to track progress/estimates of the deliveries. The real-time tracking feature improves the usability and reliability of the applications.

Why Node.js for development of real-time applications :

why-choose-nodejs-for-realtime-application-development -2

Node.js becomes the best-suited for developing real-time applications as it offers two perks of high speed and scalability. It uses an event-driven feature and non-blocking I/O.Let us discuss a few advantages of Node.js for the development of real-time applications.

  • Speed – Node.js uses the programming language JavaScript as the base hence it offers high speed and faster response. For handling requests, it uses an event-loop handler.
  • I/O bound tasks – The streams in Node.js are UNIX-based, so Nod.js can easily and effectively keep track of various input and output activities. This helps for decryption of Input bound tasks and routes to the destination links as part of the outbound task.
  • Module-based functionality – Node.js uses a component-driven development approach. It has independent bocks or modules of code snippets that are used by mobile and application developers for hassle-free implementation without extensive coding efforts
  • Reusability – Node.js has a module-based functionality so it has reusable codes.
  • SEO friendly – Backend rendering is quite an advantageous feature of Node.js.This enhances the chances of SEO-friendly data content.

Let us wrap up:

We conclude that Node.js is the ideal fit for the development of real-time applications with extensive features. The non-blocking-driven servers and an event-loop handler make Node.js popular amongst the trending web development technologies. For the development of real-time applications hire our Node.js experts to curate applications as per your business requirements.

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