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Neumorphism in the UI(User Interface) design style


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Neumorphism UI Design


Neumorphism has given a new dimension to UI(User Interface) design which was born from skeuomorphism.It aims and focuses on the best delivery of UI(User Interface) with eye-catching designs and impressing the audiences.

Neumorphism has given a new dimension to UI(User Interface) design which was born from skeuomorphism. It is also a trend on its own these days as designers across the globe believe in creating visual impressions through digital samples on platforms like Behance and Dribble. But what exactly is neumorphism? How does it help in creating a visual trend? Does neumorphism limit itself to adding aesthetic visuals on mobile and web applications?

Let us, deep-dive, into not just the terminologies relevant to neumorphism but how does it help web and mobile applications in the UI(User Interface) design style.



The latest take on skeuomorphism is neumorphism and there is a paradigm shift in the features of UI(User Interface) styling. This brings special effects like 3-Dimension and photorealism. The primary focus of neumorphism is the in-built shades of the color palette. And not the contrasts or similarities in the real or digital scenarios. Excellent UI/UX design with satisfying user experiences is what neumorphism targets. In general terms, neumorphism in the UI(User Interface) design style has more to do with the soft interface with UI elements embedded in it.

The three pillars of neumorphism are:

  • monochromatic color schemes
  • low contrast
  • subtle shadows

Relevance between skeuomorphism and neumorphism:


The most significant trait of skeuomorphism that neumorphism has imbibed is the flat design. The approach and focus of neumorphism were the soft aesthetics in UI design rather than flashy design. Visual consistency must be maintained throughout the UI design of the new by-product that is developed.

Salient features of Neumorphism:


Effective use of shadowing and lightning is the basis of neumorphism in UI design. The creation of wow-factor and some awesome visual imprints should be the prerequisite of any UI/UX developer. Strokes, especially broader strokes, do wonders and have become the key component of blending colors in the right way. Protruding look and feel of the UI elements in an outward fashion sunk in the UI background color. There is also a criterion set that the background cannot be either pure white or black. As a UI/UX designer, you need some predefined shade to apply your shadowing tips and tricks.

  • Convexity: UI design elements "hover" over the background while applying shadows and lightening 
  • Minimal contrast: The color palette is the same and uniform
  • Smoother effects: the smoothest and hassle-free transitions between various UI element states
  • Coding simplicity: 
    1. Light shadow: upper left-hand corner the maximum is non-contrast
    2. Dark shadow: lower right corner

Commendations and Recommendations on Neumorphism as a new UI(User Interface) design style:


Every trend has certain benefits and setbacks.After understanding what is neumorphism.It becomes mandatory for us to understand the pros and cons because a trend if thoughtfully implemented can become a boon or ban accordingly.


  • Visual freshness: The web designs breathe if they are curated using neumorphism.It is a gray-white background with the convergence of various colors.
  • Monochrome brand books: Usage of only monochrome shades of color palette that is gray and white. Apply contrasting tricks and tips thereafter in the UI/UX design. This seems to be a complex task but neumorphism has made it possible.
  • Selective use: The additional benefit that neumorphism has is selective usage. Take what fits your UI design and is essential for the visual appearance of the web page.
  • An amalgamation of various UI design styles: Mixing the already existing solution and other solutions are possible using neumorphism.


  • Visually impaired people: The color blind cannot leverage the aids of neumorphism. The contrasts and shades of the UI design might be a bit eye-straining. An increase in screen time might prove to be a setback.
  • Kills intuitiveness: Call to action (CTA) is not that amazing as convex shapes and other UI elements are not understandable to the audience. The reason for UI design should be user convenience always where neumorphism lacks.
  • Elementary inconvenience: Neumorphism has its own set of design rules in UI design and it requires the user community to perform unnecessary actions which impact the Call to action (CTA).
  • Cost: Implementation and proper design are essential. The cost goes high if we opt for neumorphism as it is not just a mere monochrome dry design but an implementation of UI design using a new trend within a predefined framework.

Quick wrap on Neumorphism in the UI(User Interface) design style:


After running through the entire article we can guarantee that neumorphism is a timeless tale and will not be obsolete in the near future because of its amazing features. It aims and focuses on the best delivery of UI(User Interface) with eye-catching designs and impressing the audiences. Simplicity accompanied with a tactical approach will make neumorphism go a long way in the near future becoming a necessity of UI design. Every coin has two sides and so does neumorphism. It has a restriction that neumorphic UI designs throw usability issues and errors. Hire UI/UX design team who will help you visualize your business ideas into reality.

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