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Innovative mobile application ideas for food businesses


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Mobile Application Ideas


an innovative mobile application has a critical role to play. Keeping the latest trends and technologies in mind, a user-interactive mobile application serves the purpose of a full-fledged food chain cycle.

In millennialism, food aesthetics are ever-developing and growing. Starting a food business requires a versatile skill set on curating platters accompanied by best food safety practices.

To maintain the balance between demand and supply an innovative mobile application has a critical role to play. Keeping the latest trends and technologies in mind, a user-interactive mobile application serves the purpose of a full-fledged food chain cycle. A food chain cycle is an exhaustive theme comprising various processes like dealing with food orders, on-time deliveries, pricing strategies, inventory management.

Statistics say that the curve or graph of mobile food application users is exponentially increasing in millions from 2019 onwards. Restaurants require intensive planning and forecasting in comparison to catering or bakery businesses. The majority of the food business owners claim high potential revenues when technology enhancements are implemented, reshaping the dimensions of business.

Contactless delivery is the add-on feature implemented in most food mobile applications. Are you looking for guidelines or ideas on how to advertise and promote your food businesses with responsive mobile applications then this article is the right place to start from?

Food Delivery App:


By clicking a few options on the mobile application we can get food delivered to our doorstep. Geo-fencing is a boon for the food industry as it defines proximities where the coordinates are accurate and precise using GPS technology. At times the restaurants are running low on budget and don’t invest much in technology, here third-party services have a pivotal role to play for food delivery services. Swiggy and Zomato are the niche players in the third-party delivery services market.

Recipe App:


During pandemics, experimental cooking is trending. Though the food safety policies are strict people are relying more on home-cooked meals. Amateurs are searching for simplified instructional videos to cook both authentic and global cuisines. The step-by-step guidelines provided by recipe apps are an aid to home chefs to cook tasty meals at their own pace and convenience.

Augmented Reality based App:


Augmented reality is to rely on digital data rather than real-world objects. The two main benefits of AR-based apps to the food industry are Marketing and Customer Satisfaction. Promotion and advertising of food are necessitous in this era regardless of how delicious and mouth-watering your recipes are. Many travelers prefer to dine out options where the ambiance is lively and engaging.

Customization is the new norm and so mobile application developers need to keep few points whilst designing apps:

  • Keep the audience engaged in some sort of entertainment until their food is served
  • Try adding visual illustrations of the food items (images, videos, and other multimedia) on menu cards
  • Define food safety precautions and policies to gain the trust of the customers

Food Suggestions App:


A restaurant curates an app or website with the use of the latest technology to customize the platter and suggest their selling recipes. Meal schedules are planned to keep the nutrition quotient in mind. In addition to this, online support or assistance is provided 24/7 for a personal touch on the suggestions. These apps are advantageous as they in turn increase the gross revenue potential and give handsome profits to the firm.

Grocery Delivery App:


An Insight Survey says 78.7% of food grocery shoppers said that the grocery delivery app is a cost-effective and convenient means to order groceries online. If running short on time these apps deliver food items at reasonable prices at your doorstep at ease. These apps give the comfort of shopping on the phone through a virtual visit to the grocery store. Statistics also quote that an average human spends 60hrs a year shopping for groceries. In India Big Basket, Grofers and Jio-Mart are some of the popular grocery delivery apps. They use RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) technology.

Food Discounts App:


Discounts, odd-even pricing, and seasonal sales are promotional pricing strategies to attract more and more customers to buy food items. This technique is an effective possibility to find the right audience in a fraction of a minute. Freebies and coupons are announced on purchases to retain customers. As a part of the stock clearance, perishable food products are sold at half the price. Many people stay uninformed and miss on delicious discounted meals. This is a Win-Win strategy for both food business owners and consumers.

Feedback App:


This app helps the food businesses to track their high selling food items and also on salient points of customer service. The food industries use this feature to receive customer feedback for the service and food quality of the ordered food. The main aim of this exercise is to build brand loyalty and gain the trust of the customers.

Nutrition App:


The fitter the better you are the saga of today’s era. People are getting more concerned about their health and eating habits. These apps consist of diet-conscious recipes. It has a calorie tracker installed which helps the audience track their food consumption, calorie count. There are diet plans and charts features installed which help consumers to curate their menus as per their needs.

Table Reservation App:


The problem of popular food joints in peak hours is long queues. No customers like waiting in queues for hours just to dine at your favorite restaurant. To organize the crowd in a more poised manner the concept of table reservation works great here. It helps the user to book a time slot, table, and food orders according to their convenience. This is a classic way of managing time and customers.

Our team of application development experts will customize food businesses' mobile applications as per your requirements keeping utility convenience in mind of the customers. We Redlio Designs deliver best UI/UX app design services to make the most efficient manner delighting our customers.

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