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Minimalism in UX design


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Minimalism in UX design


Minimalism in UX design implements and embeds the right amount of text and animation which gives a sober look and feel to the design.The main motto behind this design is to present data that is relevant to the user.

Less is more is the new normal and this is what Hicks law quotes for the concept of Minimalism. A new thinking methodology introduced in the digital market for simple yet elegant UX designs has now become an essential part of web designing. Minimalism in UX design implements and embeds the right amount of text and animation which gives a sober look and feel to the design. The main motto behind this design is to present data that is relevant to the user and necessary. Minimal options and choices are kept available on the website design optimizing the decision time of the user. This concept of minimalism indirectly upgrades the quality of UX design by making the tasks’ functionalities more simpler and concise. With time implementation of minimalism has done wonders in the UX design industry proving to be a cost-effective solution.

The most attention-grabbing effects on the website that UI/UX designer can add is badges, sounds, and push notifications. In application, advertising derails the user from the main purpose of creating the web or mobile application. Though there are main controls available for mobile applications like DND (Do Not Disturb) and notification settings. The user community demands control over the designed and curated applications. But it is the responsibility of the Gen-Z UI/UX designers and developers to minimalize the UX strategies to promote effectively user engagement. Let us deep dive furthermore and understand more about minimalism in UX design together through the article.

Minimalist UX design strategy for more user community engagement:


The digital world doesn’t work on consistency and growth concepts. The download rate of a particular mobile application is important but more important is the time spent by the user community on the designed application and the number of times it returns on the same application. User engagement always adds value not just in terms of statistics but also in terms of business expansion. Following are the critical points that are examined by any UI/UX designer before designing a minimalist UX design:

  • Usability - Ease of use
  • Look and Feel - Eye-catchy UX design 
  • Emotion - Relevant and has a story to tell
  • Socialization - Helps connect with other audience
  • Automation - Quick responses and limited choices less burdening the users

Also a few tips and tricks for UI/UX designers for minimalist UX design:


  • Bold typography - This is used for emphasizing the contents of the webpage.
  • Uniformity of colors - Use limited colors of the color palette for better visual effects.
  • Use of more white space - The space excluding the main contents is used for highlighting and making the contents more dominant. White is preferred for the best highlights of the content.
  • Focus on the main UI elements - Remove the unnecessary UI elements and focus on what is to be displayed to the user community.
  • Flat design - This feature makes the UX design more functional and pleasing to the audience keeping everything right from content to icon minimal.
  • Photographs and graphics illustrations - Images convey emotions and thoughts in an effective way than mere words. Avoid crowding the web and mobile application with more than required infographics.
  • Contrasting - High contrast elements help visibility and grab audience attention putting minimal effort.
  • Hierarchial content distribution - Maintain a hierarchy when placing website content. That is the most relevant and significant content should be placed at the top which engages the audience to navigate further.
  • Text content should be minimum - Keep the text as crisp and short as possible.

When coaxing user engagement ethical principles and considerations are to be kept in mind when designing UX for any application. UI/UX designers should take care to minimize manipulative copies of data or content. Nonstop notifications and unclear content requests prove to be problematic and harmful.

Design Principles of minimalist UX design:


The UX design should not just empower users but also respect their preferences and choices. Customization of design gives the audience a feeling of consideration and importance. Five design principles of minimalist UX design are enlisted below. 

    • Understand urgency and medium: Minimal interruption to the audience with only relevant notifications to make your application stand out amongst the very applications installed on users’ mobile devices.
    • Adapt to user behavior: Understand human psychology and behavioral patterns when UX designing.
    • Adapt to context: Responsive design is the new trend so that it is adaptable to any environment be it web or mobile.
  • Enable the user to adapt: Customize the communication received.
  • Reduce mental cost: Best user design is when it is appealing to the audience and less stressful.

Use subtle and sober colors for calmer UX design:


Healthier user engagement through UX design is a monochrome shade of the color palette that is black and white. The user community can also hide the application to avoid distractions. The only option in the application is the timer that states the usage statistics. Bundling notifications help to mute notifications. Display only certain applications as per convenience is the option that the user community has.

Wrapping up:

Now it’s time to wrap up and conclude this article on minimalism in UX design. Though it is boring to stare at mobile applications. Moreover, it is a tedious and time-consuming task. But having applied the minimalism concept in UX design finds an interim solution for healthier user engagement. The design principles on curating minimalistic UX design make the application more engaging not just in terms of aesthetics but enhances the speed with minimal decision-making time and navigation. Hire our UI/UX  designers for the design and curation of top-notch mobile and web applications. They are well equipped technically having a versatile skill set and industry knowledge of web designing. Embedding the features and latest trends in web designs has made businesses not just expand but reach the pinnacle of success in terms of revenue and brand loyalty.

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