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The art of making money from mobile applications


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Mobile Application


One of the rapidly growing industries today is mobile application development. There is a widespread of mobile applications in the market across various segments be it e-commerce, retail, banking, healthcare, insurance.

One of the rapidly growing industries today is mobile application development. There is a widespread of mobile applications in the market across various segments be it e-commerce, retail, banking, healthcare, insurance to government. Being relevant, responsive, and real-time was always the quest of the customers, employees, and partners. Entrepreneurs are solution experts and on the other hand, the frontend developers curate user-friendly mobile application designs.

Firstly, your mobile application design should stand out in the market and competition to monetize your mobile application. Discussing the pros and cons of approaches and strategies in monetizing your application plays a decisive role in achieving business targets and success. Never ever ignore the detailed competitor research. In-depth analysis of tech stack and user response are the pillars that influence mobile application performance.

Enlisted are few techniques which can aid you to make money from mobile applications:

1. Freemium


These mobile applications do not charge money for downloads. Free trials and access to certain features are offered to the user community for a limited period of time. This is the means for higher revenue and more interaction with the target user community.

2. Advertisements


The powerful pull marketing mechanism adopted by many businesses is advertising. The core focus is to invest in content ads be it text, banners, videos, etc. This methodology is used to earn big chunks through free downloadable mobile applications.

3. Crowdfunding


The businesses make money by selling the successfully running mobile application ideas. The focal point of this monetizing strategy is marketing rather than mobile application development.

4. In-app purchases


Granting access to certain features on the mobile application to enhance user experience is also one of the ways to make money.

5. Sponsorship


A popular and effective option to introduce an upcoming brand in the market is sponsorship. This not only helps businesses to earn money but also help broaden user share and brand loyalty.

6. Subscription


Under this approach, the users’ are charged for subscribing to certain plans on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Discounts are given for usage packages to retain customers for a longer period of time.

How much money do mobile applications make a year?

There are applications that make 06 figure digit numbers while others earn merely a few thousand on an average. Talking about costs and earnings it completely depends on the scope of the business and customers' spending pattern.

Wrapping up !!

Discussing the various methods to make money through mobile applications we conclude that one should master business marketing accompanied by brand loyalty. Also one can opt for the hybrid model to earn money. Hire our team of developers to help you with monetizing your mobile application.

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