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Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Local SEO


To improve the visibility of your business online and in turn increase the number of visitors on your website Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the digital marketing strategy used.

To improve the visibility of your business online and in turn increase the number of visitors on your website Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the digital marketing strategy used.SEO has tactics that boost businesses’ growth online by appearing on particular websites as a top priority on SERP(Search Engine Results Page) which is colloquially known as organic, earned, or natural results. The search performance of the particular website and reduces the search time of the particular product/service.

Local SEO facts and figures as according to latest surveys:


But at times the Local SEO can be a setback or a showstopper in most businesses not because of insufficient resources but a weak digital marketing strategy. The SEO statistics for 2021 say Google algorithms use more than 200 characteristics to classify various web pages available on the internet. Also, 46% of the Google searches are with local business intent. Furthermore, statistics say that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has 14.6% as their closing rate.

A recent survey on Local SEO quotes that 86.86 percent of the Google Search Engine Market (SEM) works on the basis of Local SEO. These organic searches result in the highest returns and sales conversion rates. Before making any purchasing decision the average consumer spends around 13 to 14 minutes (13:45 minutes to be very precise) reading online reviews.

Keywords Statistics:


Let us deep dive and understand why keywords play a significant role in Local SEO.SEO keywords popularly termed as ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’ are terms added to online content to appear on Google’s search engine ranking lists. The intent of these SEO keywords is to stand out in the competition and amongst the volumes of data available online. Free SAAS-based software that supports 83 languages and generates SEO keywords is famous amongst digital marketers called the Keyword Tool.

Approximately around 8 percent of the searches are coined as inquires. Only one or two keywords of 70.87% of keywords for more than 10,000 monthly searches. Google receives on average 3.5 billion requests daily and the proper usage of the SEO keywords makes the content of your business more searched and aid in targeting the audiences.

Google My Business Statistics:


GMB digital profile is need for an online business as it helps reap maximum benefits on how to make full-fledged use of the Google suite right from Google reviews, Google Maps, Google Searches, Posts, and offers, etc. GMB’s (Google My Business) focal point is customer engagement. In addition to this, it minimizing the gap between buyers and consumers. Recent surveys say that a whopping percentage of online businesses used Google Maps.

Local SEO trends:


Business forecasting never goes to waste and is essential to stay ahead of the curve due to increasing competition in the digital market. A market researched and well-curated strategy always works best. Considering the various trends is always a plus. Let us discuss the Local SEO trends for better insights on what we can expect from business online in the upcoming future.

  • Optimize Local Pages: One-page SEO is a critical factor that decides the ranking of the website online. When you optimize local pages they help you choose where to go making your presence on social media and directory files.
  • Creation of localized content: Localised content gains popularity online because the authority lies with the local people when searching for those topics.
  • Link back to the sources: The Local SEO is beyond Google reviews and searches. The creation of highly shareable content and social media active usage will better help businesses gain the credibility and trust of the user community.
  • Generate revenue via more customer engagement: More traffic on your website more opportunities for sales conversions. Better sales conversions more profits your businesses will make online and hence clear statistics for online growth.GMB fosters more customer engagement.
  • Zero click searches: When discussing Local SEO trends zero-click searches aren’t an exception. Zero click searches are ignored searches or not-so-popular searches as the user community already receives the answers to questions without clicking on the URL or links. This proves the importation of SEO implementation and organic searches for the website content.
  • Voice-based searches: The hottest and latest trend of Local SEO benefits is people using voice searches via smartphones and home devices. The natural language keywords are now optimized for websites to appear on the SERP list.

Let’s wrap up :

Every business strives on creating impression on the user community and create a significant position in the digital market. Better the search results more are the revenue and in turn survival of business in the long term. This article is a snapshot of the various facts and figures of Local SEO (Search engine optimization).The detailed level of understanding of keyword searches and statistics. To be a top-notch online business the crux of SMM (Social Media Marketing) and PPC(Pay Per Click) Management is essential. Hire our versatile team of experts that audit and provide SEO-based digital solutions in line with your business goals for better reach to your user community.

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