Learning Management System (LMS) - Why do we need it?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Learning Management System


LMS is an organized e-learning software solution adept to track the learning progress of the employees in an effective manner. LMS is a cost-effective online learning platform without prior investment.

Post-COVID-19 outbreak the world has become online be it in terms of business or training. Being in an era of Gen-Z that is popular for its competitive culture, training is a medium to stay ahead of the crowd. Organizations grow when their employees hone the relevant skills to make and expand the business. Hence training employees becomes not just a want but a need. Learning Management System (LMS) is a reformation of traditional classroom learning or on-the-job rotational learning. The emphasis on e-learning using a fully automated learning software called Learning Management System (LMS) helps in effective tracking of the employees’ learning growth. Through this article lets us gain deep insights on Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Why do we need it?

Learning Management System (LMS):


LMS is an organized e-learning software solution adept to track the learning progress of the employees in an effective manner.  In rudimentary terms, we will first describe the three terms of the LMS.

  • Learning - administration, automation, and maintenance of learning material
  • Management - documentation, and management of database 
  • System - handling and tracking of the learning ecosystem by a single unit

Flexible Online Training Platform:


LMS is a flexible online training initiative by employers where the employees can learn at their own pace and timings. In addition to this in their own space.LMS is an e-learning software that leverages videos, quizzes, evaluations as well as documents to keep the employees engaged and deliver the necessary teachings aligned with the organization's training goals.

Key components:


The modern LMS system has a wide list of key components. The key components of LMS are broadly classified as two the front-end and the back-end. The front-end is the UI/UX design to engage the audience or the learners. The servers and databases house the basic functions which are the back-end of the LMS.

LMS Tasks and Features:


LMS is a powerhouse of plugins and various applications to cater to every organization’s needs. Below are the enlisted tasks carried out by LMS but it can go far beyond this depending on how you customize the LMS platform.

  • LMS has a feature of Single Sign On (SSO) which authenticates the employees who have logged in the organization’s portal without any extra steps leaving amazing user experiences.
  • It is also embedded in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) hence once you are a registered employee for that firm LMS will aid your organization’s newsletters, policies, guidelines, and courses in an interactive manner.
  • In the case of external or global certification, the LMS is integrated with e-commerce platforms or payment gateways to make the payment process more streamlined.
  • To accommodate some freemium courses LMS supports various document types right from SCORM to AICC.
  • API support is one of the must-haves to make the LMS system more robust in its functionalities. API helps to pull or push the courses from or to the LMS and partner systems.
  • The enrollment keys or accesses should be granted to the registered employees on the basis of the functional roles and prerequisites if met. This also seems to be a simple task but is important in terms of safeguarding the organizations’ policies as well as core values.

Perks of Learning Management System (LMS):


  • Accessibility - All the courses offered on the LMS are available round the clock, that is they can be available for access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week irrespective of the planned maintenance time. There is also technical support available for the learners making the LMS platform more user-friendly.
  • Easy learning - The learners appreciate the learning because LMS leverages technological advancements to make learning interactive at the learner’s pace.
  • Collaborative training - Interactive conversations are a cherry on the cake as it makes the learning experiences worthwhile.LMS is adept at collaborative training that increases the audience interaction and participation to express their ideas and at times learning.
  • Low costs - The expenses for LMS are low as it is a one-time investment unlike traditional learning methods such as classroom training.
  • Branding - Branded LMS is a key to taking your organization to its pinnacle of success. Embedding the company’s logo, color palette, theme, taglines, etc. encourages the staff to upskill themselves.
  • Scalability -  The biggest advantage of LMS is scalability, that is it can fit hundreds of employees as required on a single unit of LMS.

Wrapping our thoughts:

We are at the end of the article now and let us conclude that the Learning Management System (LMS) is a cost-effective online learning platform without prior investment. It has a wide range of benefits and perks to offer its audience and employers to accelerate its learning targets worldwide. In true essence, LMS is simple at its best because a single unit manages the entire system software be its backend or frontend. Customization is the fuel to success in this modern generation. Hire our team of web developers who will help you customize your business requirements and develop a feature-rich Learning Management System (LMS).

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