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Latest Facebook algorithm changes


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Facebook algorithm changes


Facebook algorithm is the mechanism or set of instructions controlled in Facebook at the backend and decides on what content should be visible then to that particular user.

Facebook algorithm is the mechanism or set of instructions controlled in Facebook at the backend and decides on what content should be visible then to that particular user. User search history, and the timing and type of post that the user updates decide the content to be shown up.

Statistics state that there are 2.895 billion monthly active users and the traffic is at its peak around 09 am to 01 pm. Facebook is a leading user engagement platform in 2021 and has proven to be the most powerful marketing and business platform.

Facebook targets to give the best user experience and maximize the watch time of the users keeping them encouraged. Before discussing the latest Facebook algorithm word we need to understand the core values and ranking factors.

Facebook News Feed algorithm values:


Friends and Family - This core value of the Facebook algorithm keeps the family and friends connected by prioritizing and displaying the content to the closed network.

Quality of Content - The content created should be informative, unique, and interesting to the target audience. The more the content is appealing the more it goes viral and will be on the top watchlist priority as an outcome of the Facebook algorithm.

Authentic Content - As per the Facebook algorithm, the content should have clear and crisp headlines.

The Facebook algorithm is a point-based value system for each user interaction on the Facebook platform:

  • 1 like 1 point
  • 1 comment: 6 points
  • 1 share: 13 points
  • 1 negative interaction : -100 points

Facebook revised its security policy due to private information leakage of around 80 million users in the year 2018. The focus of the new privacy strategy is a paradigm shift to implement encryption techniques safeguarding the private information of users.

How does the Facebook algorithm rank the video on its platform:

facebook-algorithm rank-the-video-on-its-platform

  • Brand Loyalty: Users quest for original content online and repeat viewership to gain brand loyalty. The more relevant the number of views, the more relevant is the content that stands out from the very videos available.
  • Watch time: Irrespective of the video ads which is an affiliate marketing strategy. To hold the viewers and their attention will increase the watch time making the video relevant. The more the watch time the more points are allocated by the Facebook algorithm.
  • Originality: Facebook doesn’t appreciate duplicate content. Customized and authentic videos are on the top list of Facebook algorithm’s choice.

Revised rules of the Facebook algorithm of 2021: There are many changes over the last few years in the Facebook algorithm and the rules are quite obvious to streamline the process. Prioritizing Group and event posts along with the implementation of hashtag features are the notable latest Facebook algorithm changes. Social media marketing is the core of any online business.

  1. Prioritizing group and event posts: The posts which spark meaningful conversation depending on similar thoughts and events. The emphasis of this strategy is to make more users visit Facebook on a daily basis.
  2. Implementation of Hashtag features: To gain better promotion and reach to the target audience implementation of hashtag features is advantageous plus trending.


Whilst retaining and adapting to the Facebook algorithm trends it is also a bit challenging task to focus on aspects of content marketing. The perfect social marketing strategy includes organic and paid content. The tactics to curate content online as according to the Facebook algorithm maintaining the correct balance are:

Interact with the audience: The basis of machine learning and Facebook algorithm which works on various metrics makes the content appear in news feeds helping lead generation and sales conversions. Facebook live discussions, groups help blow high organic traffic.

Posting content at the right time: The active timings of the audiences are essential for the content published shouldn’t go wasted. The Facebook algorithm helps in accentuating the fact that to get the desired audience for the content to go viral. Posting the right content on the peak user activation time is the core understanding of the insight management technique.

Refrain from misleading information: Keep the content and Facebook groups away from negative interactions because the Facebook algorithm gives negative points.

Facebook advertisements and analytics: The booster engine to attract traffic is Facebook advertisements. Facebook ads are scalable, helping online businesses stand out in organic search results and help maximize user engagement. To gain better insights on Facebook users, demographics, views, and content keywords Facebook analytics is a boon.

Greater emphasis on personal connections to gain long-term relationships with the target audience and heavy engagement with the Facebook page. A robust and strong PPC(pay per click) strategy also focuses on direct connections.

On the similar ground as Facebook, Instagram imbibes transparency promoting new features like IGTV and Instagram Stories as snippets. Facebook also has embedded a new video calling and messaging application feature for better user engagement.

Major takeaways :

Brand Loyalty and revenue generation are the two pillars of any online business to flourish in the digital market. Experienced and professional digital marketers should be updated with the latest trends of the digital market. In-depth market analysis and well-planned social media strategy are essential to creating a significant place but site managers get into dilemmas whilst planning marketing strategies. Hiring our Digital Marketing team will help online businesses navigate smoothly through social media. The knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) aids businesses to drive quality traffic and in turn revenue.

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