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Comparing two PHP frameworks: Laravel VS CodeIgniter


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Laravel VS Codeigniter


When it comes to web development and designing apart from two predominant programming languages HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript the preferred framework is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Around 79% of the websites use PHP.

When it comes to web development and designing apart from two predominant programming languages HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript the preferred framework is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Around 79% of the websites use PHP. Quite popular PHP frameworks among web artisans are Laravel and Codelgniter.

Easy maintenance of code and faster development are the perks that PHP frameworks offer. Adept knowledge of databases and SQL syntax is the requirement of any PHP beginner. 

Laravel was developed in 2011 with the aim to have add-on features such as user security and authentication. On the contrary CodeIgniter framework helps web artisans build web applications at a faster pace. A comparative understanding of these two PHP frameworks will help the web developers decide which framework to opt for.

Market usage statistics:

Statistics say that Laravel holds a market share of 0.37%, on the other hand, Codelgniter has 0.36% in the web frameworks today.

Pros :

Laravel offers inbuilt ready to use authentication packages, helps automate any task related to application development, and supports reverse routing that creates Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs).

Codelgniter has customization, modularity that is ready-to-use templates, and a user-friendly interface. It also supports hassle-free migration with minimal technical glitches.


Due to backend congestion, the performance is hampered in the case of Laravel. It becomes difficult for web developers to give quality certification for the third-party libraries built.

Stagnant growth with fewer updates, unstable code maintainability, and the absence of exhaustive libraries are the setbacks of the Congelgniter framework.


Laravel based applications are usually considered slow yet with effective performance optimization techniques the response speed can go under 20ms.
Codelgniter based applications have to run through a functional test for the determination of their performance which completely depends on the number of users. The more the number of users flower is the more speed. 

Application Architecture:

Juxtaposing Laravel and CodeIgniter on the basis of application architecture we conclude that Laravel follows an MVC(Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern that helps web artisans comfortably implement full-stack development tactics. Whereas, Codelnigter offers a test-driven approach with minimal scripting and test-build modules.

Scalability :

With the Codelnigter framework, web developers can achieve massive horizontal/ vertical scaling. The Laravel framework restricts only horizontal scaling.


Microservices architecture is supported by PHP frameworks. In the case of the Laravel framework, the application is broken into smaller blocks. You get better performance and support using the Codelnigter framework when collaborated and compatible with microservices architecture.

Why hire Laravel and CodeIgniter developers?

Hiring a PHP framework developer is not a complex task as this is open-source and you find a Laravel and CodeIgniter developer in every corner. Keep in mind that hiring a Laravel developer would cost you around $15 to $30 per hour depending on the level of experience and expertise. The charges for a CodeIgniter developer ranges from $61 – $80 on an hourly basis. Eloquent ORM, caching, and handling Artisan is a skill that only a few developers master. Depending on the project and assignment freelancers are also hired. Hire our PHP developers to build Laravel and CodeIgniter web app solutions as per the business requirements and customization demands from users.

Key takeaway points:

The choice between Laravel VS CodeIgniter completely depends on the business requirements and what kind of application is to be designed/developed. In the case of elegant interfaces and well-documented frameworks, CodeIgniter is the best choice that web developers make. It also offers enhanced performance with security. Laravel PHP framework is best suited for visually appealing and customized websites. The goal of Laravel based application development is SEO-friendly designs. By default, it avoids SQL injections and CSRF attacks.

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