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How to Improve Your Website’s Internal Site Search


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

internal site search


When you improve your site’s internal search you will notice the improvement in the conversion ratio as well as customer experience.minimal improvement in site has a great impact on revenue.

Marketers and website managers are mostly their own worst enemies when it comes to improving a website's internal site search. For a huge website with tons of visitors, even the most minimal improvement in the number of conversions has a great impact on revenue. It has become a science to analyze the data coming in from the website, blog, marketing automation, and CRM systems.

Mostly, visitors of the website engage with the internal site search to search products, content, etc., and failing to provide a good search experience to users can result in reducing conversions, sales, and ultimately non-returning customers.

We all know the importance of search engine optimization or SEO and how it is helpful to increase the traffic on your website by bringing visitors. Most of the websites prefer optimization for external search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. But, what about the quality of the built-in search? Most of the time it has been the case that website owners neglect it. But they shouldn't as internal site search is of utmost importance.

According to the report by Econsultancy, up to 30% of website visitors use internal site search. They're known to convert up to 5-6x higher than the average non-site search visitor due to the high level of purchase intent from searchers.

But, how can you improve your site's internet site search? If this question is daunting to you then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will tell you various tips and techniques to improve your website's internal search.

Let's proceed!

Tips And Techniques To Improve Your Website's Internal Search

Make Internal Site Search Routine Part Of Your Optimization


As soon as you have made up the internal site search functionality and get knowledge about the internal site search basics. Now, you have to make site search part of your optimization routine. The rates of exits, search refinements, and the no result search queries, etc. are the important metrics that must be taken care of. These particular metrics are relevant in adding an extra layer of information to your audits and reports and they will help you in making more data-driven recommendations. Optimize your site regularly and focus on the metrics to take the important decisions regarding the website.

Examine The Internal Site Search Flow In Google Analytics


To improve the internal search site you must dive into the Google Analytics Audience's “Users Flow”. This report of google analytics allows you to analyze the user's behavior easily and effortlessly and reveal further gaps in your UX and internal linking. To get the report, click on Audience > Users Flow and write your site's custom search path into the pop-up window from the node you are interested in querying.

After that, google analytics allows you to see the particular path your visitors made after triggering the on-site search.

Make All Relevant Content Searchable


You have to pay full attention to how extensive the search will be when implementing a site search tool. For instance, will all the components and fields are searchable while you are using a content management system (or CMS)? All the important content of your website should be accessible through the internal search tool.

Keenly Focus On The Synonyms And Alternative Terms


In a few of the circumstances, users don't know what exactly they are looking for. Users don't formulate perfect questions in the search boxes. This outcome is in vague search terms put by the users.

You have to take care that your website allows realistic user synonyms and alternative terminology. Especially, if your website is technical or industry-specific you have to take care of this. Be sure to review your search logs and look for synonyms that are not currently present in your content. The synonyms and alternative terms help your users to search your website before even they have completed their typing. This will also help users o find the solution to their queries rapidly.

Consider Advanced Functionality


You might consider extra features for your search to improve usability depending on which internal search tool you are using. For instance, Based on searches, you can add autocomplete to the search input field or incorporate recommendations.

Keep It Visible


You have to make sure that the search is not hidden away in the footer of your website If you want users to find the search easier. Consider adding it in a notable position, such as within the header or navigation of your website.

Pay Close Attention To Design And Functionality


Design and functionality are an important part of search experiences. A good design can take a long way in helping to improve the search experience as well as the user experience. To ensure it's working as expected, don't forget to fully test your search functionality.

Focus On Curated Search Suggestions


The best way to improve the internal search experience for your users is a Predictive search. It means showing suggested questions right below the search box while users are yet not finished typing. But the unedited list of common questions from the search logs will not be helpful to the users.

Sometimes user questions may be misleading, inappropriate, and have works that have no outcomes, you have to take care of this fact. You should suggest curated questions that redeem useful results.

When you have an expert or a PHP developer for hire at the time of development, the predictive box will also show product results with photos to help users evaluate products quickly.

Wrapping Up

When you improve your site's internal search you will notice the improvement in the conversion ratio as well as customer experience. By applying the above-mentioned tips and techniques on your website together with the help of professionals, you can improve your site search and watch conversion rates increase. You don't have to take stress to do it all on your own. Redlio Designs is here to help!

Ready to start improving your site search? We will be happy to serve you! So, contact us right now.

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