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How to Hire an Android Developer?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Hire Android Developer


Android is a niche player in the application development industry. It requires an adept Android skill set for any mobile application to stand out in the crowd. Not every mobile application can be successful and potential

Android is a niche player in the application development industry. It requires an adept Android skill set for any mobile application to stand out in the crowd. Not every mobile application can be successful and potentially be competent enough in the technology market.

Mobile app download statistics say that 98% of the revenue of the Android industry comes from free apps whereas only 2% is from the paid apps. On analyzing the statistics and numbers around 935 billion dollars as revenue is expected to be generated from the Android industry. In 2019, the total global mobile app revenue reached 462 billion dollars. We see impressive growth in numbers in this tenure of two years. Understanding the business, technical customer needs and converting them into a successful application is an art that only a few Android developers aces.

The essential skill set that every Android app developer should have:

1. Programming Languages

Two core programming languages for Android development are Java and Kotlin. Kotlin android developers should be well versed in Python. Understanding the syntax, functionalities, generics, and frameworks is a prerequisite for any Android developer.

2. Android Studio

Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is an array stored in IDE (Integrated Development Environment) popularly known as Android Studio. This prepacked set of code helps Android mobile application developers to design and develop applications at a faster pace without compromising quality.

3. Full Stack development technologies

As an Android mobile application developer, it is always appreciated to have knowledge on Full Stack development technologies be it frontend, backend, operating systems, or usage of databases.APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used for the communication of mobile applications with third-party services.HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are the predominant frontend programming languages used by most UI/UX designers. The Android mobile application handles huge chunks of data hence an effective database management system (DBMS) is essential. Cloud is the most preferred data storage platform which makes data accessible to the user community across devices offline.

4. SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)

The first step of any software development or implementation process is to seek clarity on the business requirements and problem statement. The logic behind the business decision is the basis to plan the delivery of an Android mobile application.

5. Android mobile application technology Stack

A pile or stack of various technical components is a set of IT tools, software applications, programming languages, and frameworks that build an Android mobile application technology stack. Depending on the type and scope of the project, assigned developers choose the framework and set of technologies. The features and add ons added to the application depend on the complexity, design, and purpose of the Android mobile application. We have solution architects that help us choose a cost-effective Android mobile application tech stack and help build top-notch designs.

Before starting an Android mobile application project below is a checklist that most of the developers consider:

  • Business Requirements and needs - According to the business requirements and needs, the Android developers define the mobile application type as Native, Hybrid or Cross-platform.
  • Integration and Compatibility - Third-party integration and collaboration of the developed Android mobile application with the existing backend system or website is a critical point of consideration whilst design. This also influences the choice of the Android mobile application tech stack.
  • Application Security and authorization - Taking care of the security aspects in this world of cybercrimes and threats makes the Android mobile application more secure and functional.

Not everyone is proficient to code, debug and compile Android applications. Finding and hiring experts with backgrounds and versatile skillsets on Android mobile application development technologies is a challenging task. Preparing a technical description of the business requirements and outsourcing the skills is the primary focus when hiring Android mobile application professionals. As a part of the agreement, the process doesn’t forget to sign a contract with the professionals.

Let’s wrap up

Understanding the prerequisites and latest programming languages, Hire Android developers. In case of additional queries of Android mobile application development connect to our team of professionals, we are happy to help you.

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