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Top 5 Checkpoints to keep in Mind When Hiring an Offshore Developer Team


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Offshore Development Team


Offshore development team, in simple words, points to a situation when companies delegate their development projects to a company holding expertise in the same field over the years compared to their staff.

To set up a successful company, the need to have a professional team of experts becomes mandatory. Companies these days have been spending a significant amount of time and effort hiring and building a solid team that helps them grow and allows them to enter the global space.

Whether small or big, every company strives to achieve its set goals by contributing its best efforts. However, it all depends upon your dedicated development team - the more specialized they are, the more effective and beneficial it is for your company's growth. 

We want to highlight and help you understand which checkpoints to keep in mind while hiring an offshore  development team to get a good return on efforts invested during the hiring process. 

What is the offshore development team?

Offshore development team, in simple words, points to a situation when companies delegate their development projects to a company holding expertise in the same field over the years compared to their staff. It is like collaborating with the best experts available in the industry for the due project to get the best-assured outcomes and delivering the best end product to the customer/client. 

As per Statista, around 72% of the companies prefer to hire an offshore development team, a task of outsourcing that makes the process easy and productive. 

However, why do companies prefer outsourcing their operations rather than having an in-house development team? Below are the reasons behind the act: 

1. Cost-effective to Hire an Offshore Development Team


If you are running a startup, you will likely focus more on the expenses and funding part. To avoid paying overhead costs like office rent, vacations, insurance, and salaries, you can go for a one-time investment by handing over the work to the offshore development team. 

(Did you know: Around 46% of startups fail due to spending more and getting less in return)

So, collaborating with an offshore development team takes your burden to execute your projects within a specific budget and time. 

For instance, if your client wishes to launch a website, the best decision will be to hire an offshore development team or team of offshore development freelancers rather than hiring a website development company at more cost. The decision will indeed prove to be a practical investment for creating a good, responsive web design for the client with the help of highly skilled experts. 

Moreover, working with an offshore developer or offshore development freelancer in India is cost-effective compared to web development freelancers in countries like the US and Europe. 

2. Greater Flexibility for In-House Development Projects


Working with an in-house team can deviate your employees from focusing on their roles and responsibilities defined in advance for the long-term clients. redlio Some projects are short-term or on a contract basis, where more expertise and creativity are required within a set budget of the client. It is practical to delegate the work and allow the in-house team to focus on essential tasks. The described situation signals onto making a call for hiring an offshore development team. 

For instance, if you are operating an eCommerce web development company and are planning to take up a new project with no in-house capacity to work on it due to pre-decided deliverables for the month, in this scenario, you can prefer getting the work done from an offshore developer team. It is a win-win situation for the company in all ways. It adds more reliability and flexibility to the whole process as you won't have to lose your focus on dominant projects and won't have to refrain from taking up new work. 

Moreover, working on a new project sometimes requires more creativity and the use of new technologies, which is a big concern with an in-house team. Choosing to outsource work to offshore developers is the best option rather than involving or training the current staff in the up-gradation process. 

Every project demands proper time and resources, and to make this happen effectively. It's better to outsource specific tasks or, say, the complete project to an offshore development team with a team of experts for every part and piece of the project. All you have to be concerned about is the end product and not focus on the process.  

The experts in an offshore developer team constantly work towards improving technologies and advanced software, striving to bring more to the table. Overall you get a structured and completed project covering all the demands of the clients. 

3. Exploring the New Talent


Another significant advantage of working with an offshore development team is working with a new pool of talent. What can be better than having newbies to help you in your startup operations? 

Many companies in the US and western Europe work by delegating their significant chunk of work to offshore developers. As per the reports, 54% of companies that adopted the work delegation system could deliver the projects on time and with the best creativity. In turn, they managed to complete their goals for the year by receiving huge perks and packages compared to companies that tried to work off the burden with the help of the only in-house team and rejected new projects due to excess workload. 

Most developers are already engaged in working for companies like Shopify with web development services.  Despite this, there is no lack of skilled talent. You need to explore!

Hiring an offshore developer team from the US and Europe is costly due to high demand. However, if you wish to delegate your work to groups with similar expertise, you can look for teams from Asia and Eastern Europe to help you with their advanced skills. We at Redlio Designs have a dedicated team of experts, and we take up timely web development and web designing projects.

Also, if you wish to customize the design of your website, you should prefer going for professional web design services or expert UI/UX designers, which will be possible through outsourcing the project within your required budget. 

With exploration, you will find employees with the right skills for the right job. Therefore, handpicking a great talent of web development programmers can land you with the best outcomes. 

4. Quality over Everything


When companies work with offshore developers, there is an extreme possibility of working with the best-skilled experts from all over the world with upgraded knowledge and know-how for the current trends and demands. Every client wishes to have something unique for themselves, and for fighting this competition on a day-to-day basis, companies tend to delegate work to offshore development teams where their projects are worked on by highly skilled and passionate people, without spending extra on the overheads. 

Shopify web experts, for instance, go for qualitative work for every project. Therefore, relying on the ones who put their best efforts into your business turns to utmost success in the end. 

With offshore developer teams, you don't even need to worry about the delays and the budget as everything is pre-decided before the actual execution of every project. 

5. Focus on Development of Business


When you are working with the best, you can easily focus on other vital business areas. It is essential for startups, who constantly go back and forth to get things done with a lesser workforce. 

With startups, the budget can be the main issue. Therefore, outsourcing to offshore development teams is the best available and suitable option. If the experts handle the technicality of the business, you, along with your in-house team, can work on other crucial areas of your business. 

Offshore development teams take care of the technical areas and bring creativity to your business due to the involvement of experts who excel in web graphics and customized web layout design.  

If you are working with an in-house team, you will have to worry about their progress constantly. Moreover, with outsourcing, you will only be involved in case of queries, and at the time of handover,

allowing you to sit back and focus on your core business transactions.

Instead of looking for a freelance eCommerce web`site developer alone, you can outsource your entire website operations to be handled by professionals by hiring an offshore development team who can handle the whole project for you from scratch and will help complete the work before the specific due dates. When you have a trustworthy partner onboard, you can fully take the technical details off your desk. 


You may know very well by now that hiring an offshore development team is the best thing to do. Not only will this help in your project for the long term, but it keeps a check on the post-delivery side too. 

If the above points convince you of the idea of hiring an offshore development team, then you are at the right place, and we at Redlio Designs can customize a team of experts for all your web development, application development, and graphic designing needs along with PPC marketing. 

Now, no more denying high-tech projects when we are here to help!

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