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What are the have skills while we hire front-end developers?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Frontend Developers


front-end web developer is to create user-interactive client-side programming for websites. The front-end developer has to consider various resolutions and screen sizes while designing websites.

The task of the front-end web developer is to create user-interactive client-side programming for websites.

On average the front-end developer for a reputed US-based IT company is it Apple, Google, or Facebook earns around US$400,000 annually. (Latest salary insights)

Impressive are the packages offered by start-ups globally for front-end developers.

The primary objective of web development is to ensure the sites are in a format that is easy to read and relevant to the users. The front-end developer has to consider various resolutions and screen sizes while designing websites. Things front-end developers need to confine in mind is that the site should be compatible with different browsers (cross-browser), operating systems (cross-platform), and devices (cross-device), hence planning is a vital concept here.

Is Web development complex? Why?

Front-end developers have a tougher role to play than back-end staff. The reasons are as follows:

  • Ever-evolving customer expectations
  • Making the web designs compatible with different platforms
  • Understanding website behavior and security issues are challenging
  • Empathy to develop everything from the users’ point of view

What skills are we looking for in a front-end developer?

An amalgamation of primary technical skills associated with web design and performance and soft skills make a front-end developer suitable for the role that we provide.

  • HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language): the foremost basic skill that any front developer must know because it’s bread and butter for the creation of internet sites.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): For a presentation of the content, CSS determines the design of internet sites right from animations, color, and fonts. It helps recreation of the planning and feel of the sites.
  • JavaScript/JQuery: The artificial language that produces interactive websites is Javascript (JS). Jquery may be a library of add-ons and plug-ins that use compression techniques.
  • CSS and JavaScript Frameworks: These frameworks are multifunctional and contain an assortment of CSS and JS files that provide a standard framework for a variety of tasks.
  • Command Line: To facilitate better pointing and clicking user experiences GUIs(Graphical User Interfaces) are essential.
  • Restful Services/APIs: A technology that allows two computers to speak.
  • UI/UX Design: The efficiency of any website is set by program (UI) and user experience (UX). A front-end developer should make it compatible with varied platforms utilizing various automation tools.
  • Visual Editing: Creating visually impressive web pages and determining the visual hierarchy to create elements that appear clickable.
  • GIT/Version Control: In recording changes and tracking modifications within the code Version control systems are used and GIT could be a niche player.
  • Wireframing: A structural blueprint of any webpage. This facilitates the identification of mistakes before the designing process starts.
  • Debugging: Bugs are inevitable and a face developer should be proficient enough to repair them.

Soft skills:

Some human skills are essentials before tech giants go for technical skills. Even a tech genius will be unable to work effectively in a collective workspace without the below mandate list of human skills:

  • Teamwork: Harnessing core competencies of varied types of people
  • Communication: Meaningful interaction and meeting the purpose of every conversation
  • Problem Solving: To identify and define what’s wrong or missing
  • Creativity: Using your imaginative skills to bring things into reality
  • Attention to Detail: Application of cognitive abilities for efficient and accurate results
  • Business Acumen: Understanding how a company makes money and achieves its goals and objectives

What are we looking for?

Front-end development is a field of constant evolution and scope. To outsource your front-end development skill set and adapt to an environment of growth we are hiring professionals developers having a versatile skill set that will delight our customers.

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What are the have skills while we hire front-end developers?

The task of the front end web developer is to create user interactive client-side programming for websites.


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