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Whom to Hire: A Full Stack Developer VS A Specialized Developer?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Full Stack Developer


We summarise that Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers both have a vital role to play depending on the business requirements and in distinct situations.

Alike other industries the Information technology and services industry does have many notions whilst hiring manpower. In search of the right fit for the right job, recruiters must have a clear understanding of the roles and business goals.

Recruiting or hiring multiskilled brains there is a constant dilemma amongst most of the recruiters whether to go for Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers. Many industry surveys and experiences from top recruiters quote that design roles are in alignment with the business goals and consider candidates according to the need of the hour.

Before we delve deeper, understanding the difference between Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers is important. This article will give you a clear picture of whom to hire and why.

Full Stack Developers Vs Specialist Developers :


Full Stack Developers have expertise in both front-end and back-end web development. On the other hand Specialist Developers are web development professionals having a niche in either back-end web development or front-end web development. Front-end web development aims at providing top-notch visual imprints on the user community whereas backend deals with server-side designing and development of web applications.

Let us seek more clarity on when and whom to hire on juxtaposing the Full Stack Developers Vs Specialist Developers on various parameters.



Full-stack developers are known for their versatile skill set. Right from front-end technologies to markup languages like HTML and CSS. They also have a keen knowledge of databases and software testing. They are the best fit for the role of CTO(Chief Technical Officers) as they can help and guide the undertaken project with their diversified skill set. Full-stack development is a highly demanding and paying skill set.

Specialist developers are extensively trained and have gained experience on a particular technology or specification over the years. These resources are a strong backbone for any team and are the best go-to resources in case of major failures and setbacks.

Payment Insights:


Full-stack developers are paid higher in comparison to specialist developers.

An early-level full stack developer with 1-4 years of experience earns around 5 to 6 lakhs annually. Whereas a mid-level experience of 5-9 years earns around 12 to 14 lakhs on an annual basis.

On the contrary, the average salary of an early specialist developer is around 2 o 3 lakhs per annum. This can range up to 9 to 12 lakhs with years of experience.

Pros of Full Stack Developers:

  1. Full-stack developers are quick learners and can adapt to any new technology quite easily because of their versatile skill set.
  2. Identification of issues is quite easy for Full Stack Developers as they are familiar with the end-to-end implementation of projects.
  3. They also provide cost-effective and workaround solutions.
  4. Full-stack developers can replace the specialist developers and can aid in building a power pack team of technical ninjas.
  5. The number of team meetings with the purpose of alignment is gradually reduced because full-stack developers are independent, skilled with back-end and front-end development technologies.

Pros of Specialist Developers:

  1. Specialist developers offer quality work because of their niche skills. Because of their in-depth knowledge and expertise on a particular technology they stand out in comparison to the Full-stack developers.
  2. Allocation of responsibilities and roles is easy in the case of specialist developers.
  3. The hiring process of specialist developers isn’t tedious as they are interviewed on a niche skill which they are best at.

Cons of Full Stack Developers VS Specialist Developers:

Greater dependency, lack of alignment, and higher investment in resources are the few setbacks of Specialist developers. In the case of Full Stack, developers have limited knowledge of the latest trends and technologies as they work on a wide range of fields. Lack of in-depth understanding can be a barrier in the delivery of service and tracking project status is also a tedious job.

Now as we have discussed the ‘WHY’ to hire. We will touch upon the ‘WHEN’ aspect of hiring Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers.

When to Hire a Full-Stack Developer?


Full-stack developers are hired for small to medium projects as they have knowledge of a wide range of technologies. They can switch between various tasks in low complexity and dependency projects. Full-stack developers are economical and low on the budget in comparison to hiring specialist developers. In case if you have timelines for project completion then Full-stack developers serve best here.

When to Hire a Specialist Developer?


In case of high-quality outcomes hiring a specialist developer is the best decision. For long-term and mega projects we require a team of expert ninjas equipped with in-depth knowledge on a niche technology to handle complicated tasks. The specialist developers work on the allocated task and help in excellent delivery.

Major takeaway points:

We summarise that Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers both have a vital role to play depending on the business requirements and in distinct situations. Analyzing the size and type of the project. Aligning to the business requirements and goals the company has to make the best decision on whom to hire.

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