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Headless WordPress With ReactJS


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Headless WordPress With ReactJS


WordPress development accompanied with ReactJS has many advantages and proves to be one of the best platforms for web applications. WordPress has become a star player in CMS which is an open source free platform.

WordPress has become a star player in CMS (Content Management System) which is an open-source free platform built using PHP frameworks. It finds its applications in many web applications on the Internet. Codeless functionality is one of the essential perks offered by WordPress which helps the non-technical developer community to develop web applications without having prior coding knowledge. The two main components of a WordPress webpage are the backend and frontend. The frontend is what is visible to the target audience and the backend deals with storage and database management. Let us explore together through this article what exactly is headless WordPress with ReactJS.

Headless WordPress:


As we all are aware of the fact that WordPress has two essential components backend and frontend. Headless WordPress has to do with the backend which leverages the REST API functionalities to establish communication between the two essential components of WordPress.JSON language is the medium of interaction and a necessary prerequisite of any WordPress development.



Component-driven architecture with frontend library that is specifically responsible for the view layer of MVC(Model-View-Controller) dealing with the look and feel of the web design. ReactJS is an open-source platform with massive community support that allows troubleshooting errors and bugs that the ReactJS developers come across when developing dynamic web apps. React supports a unidirectional design flow. Speedy web apps because of the virtual DOM used. In addition to this ReactJS has reusable components which are the building blocks of any web application reducing the time as well as efforts of developers.

Headless WordPress With ReactJS:



When combining the two most essential and predominant technologies we can’t deny the fact that there are multiple pros that it offers in terms of web development and web design. Enlisted are a few of them:

    • Simple web design - Headless WordPress helps in the easy management of lightweight designs. Also, the additional benefit offered is that the developers can curate and design websites as per the business requirements for a better user experience.
    • Publish on multiple platforms - Headless WordPress With ReactJS helps launch supports responsive web designs or UI/UX app design. Making the design reach a larger audience community compatible on various platforms.
  • Security and Authorization aspects - Headless WordPress With ReactJS is an ideal fit for enterprise applications. The merge of two potential technologies gives advanced security features along with improved user experiences.
  • Scalability and flexibility - The combination of ReactJS and WordPress is a win-win scenario as it offers scalability, speed, and flexible websites designs.

Applications of Headless WordPress With ReactJS:


Having insights on how Headless WordPress combined with ReactJS offers certain benefits let us know deep dive and understand how to use this technology merger in website development.

Pre-installations : 

  • Text editor somewhat similar to a Visual Studio to code
  • Install NPM Registry( NodeJavascript Package Manager) and NodeJS 
  • GitHub for version control and management 
  • Launch REST API

Creation of WordPress Websites is the initial application of Headless WordPress With ReactJS.Install and download WordPress first to avail both front-end and backend files. Then go for pre-installations and render JSON-based post data on ReactJS displayed before you. Lastly, the parent component should be displayed and altered accordingly. In addition to all this, a good hands-on experience on ReactJS and WordPress will help you excel in this merge of Headless WordPress With ReactJS.

Final thoughts:

WordPress development accompanied with ReactJS has many advantages and proves to be one of the best platforms for web applications. Excellent performance and top-notch navigation with high interactive as well as engaging designs are the advantages that headless WordPress with ReactJS offers. In addition to this, the developed websites are responsive and compatible with various devices. At Redlio Designs, we have experienced ReactJS developers and WordPress design experts that will help you create visually appealing websites. Hire our team as we believe in curating top-class as well as customized web designs according to your business needs.

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