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Web developer - Guidelines on becoming a successful web developer


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Guidelines For Web Developer


This article provides an in-depth and well-researched pathway on how you can excel in the field of web development and web designing.We have curated this article in such a way that it best suits varied types of audience.

The article is a guidebook for you to become a successful web developer. This article provides an in-depth and well-researched pathway on how you can excel in the field of web development and web designing. We have curated this article in such a way that it best suits varied types of audiences. If you are a fresher what prerequisites do you need for survival in web development and having adept knowledge in this domain how can you have an edge over others? In addition to this, what training to take to sharpen your skill set, we have it all. The guidebook Web developer - Guidelines on becoming a successful web developer is an exhaustive one. Let us explore together what it has to offer you.

There are many coding boot camps that teach you from scratch with zero knowledge or background of web development. Making you adept teaches you job-ready skills and hands-on knowledge on the topics within two to three months time.

Here is a five-level pathway to be a web developer from zero to hero:

  • Basics of web development
  • Decide your niche or specialization
  • Learn the Web development skills
  • Gain Hands-on experience on the various web development projects
  • Create your digital profile

Basics of web development -


The fundamentals of any course are to understand the terminologies and jargon relevant to it rather than implementation. As a beginner in the web development industry, your primary focus should always be on learning and adapting to the three main web development technologies viz HTML (Hypertext markup language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript.To upgrade and attain knowledge on these core technologies there are various boot camps and ample courses available in the market. In the real-world experience excels over qualification or holding a college degree. In addition to this, web developers must also be aware of the latest trends in the web development market.

Decide your niche or specialization -


Specialists or ninjas are always preferred to perform a task. The skillset sounds more profound and resounding when you have gained in-depth knowledge of a particular area. Your area of expertise defines the clarity of your mind and you have the freedom to choose according to your interests. Here are the three main areas of specialization in the web development field:

  1. Frontend web developer - The client-side web development is referred to as Frontend web development. It has more to do with the layout, design, and user interface. The look and feel of the UI define the UX or user experience. In turn, this attracts the audience and creates visual imprints on the target community.
  2. Backend web developer - The server-side web development deals with databases, networking, and hosting.
  3. Full-stack web developer - The web developer having knowledge on both aspects of frontend and backend web development is called full-stack web development.

Learn web development technologies or skills -


The most common and popular web design and web development technologies are HTML (Hypertext markup language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript.The main aim of website design is the customization of web design making them responsive i.e compatible with any device available.

Gain Hands-on experience on various web development projects -


Having knowledge of the coding languages dedicated for web development like HTML (Hypertext markup language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript aren't enough. Working on live projects and gaining hands-on experience on various web development projects always proves to be advantageous. Knowledge of website design and web templates is always an add-on benefit.GitHub is used for version management and it has an in-build repository for the storage of code snippets.

Create your digital profile -


The digital profile is always a powerful means for portraying or displaying your strengths and strong programming skills. There are a few prerequisites that are to be considered while creating and curating your digital profile. The digital profile shouldn’t always have all the projects that you have worked on and gained experience on. The add-on is the best of your work that you wish to highlight and portray as a star performer. Always refine and spotlight your good points to improve your presence online. The digital profile is one of the branding techniques that make you stand out from the rest and attract your client to hire you. Your mindset should be such that you add some unique skill sets and projects undertaken to have an edge over other web developers and web designers in town. Never opt for messy codes and bad UI/UX design. Emphasis on methodology and approach adopted proves to be advantageous as well as it is a narration of your thought process. Soft Skills also go hand in hand with hard skills hence adding them to your digital portfolio increases the chances of you getting shortlisted and hired.

What makes you a top-class web developer and a web designer?


Coding is not always a criterion in becoming a top-class web developer and web designer. Writing codes is a must-have but having knowledge of the latest web trends and designs is an added advantage. There is a vast range of tools and technologies in the field of Graphic Designing. Make responsive websites that are eye-catching and appealing to the audience. The website design is an outcome of one’s creativity, chromatic understanding, and design thinking. There are new technologies emerging right from Artificial Intelligence(AI) to Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Internet of Things (IoT). For intermediate level respondents having knowledge and a clear understanding of blockchain is a plus in web development and web designing.

  • The web developer or web designer should be an excellent team player who can easily gel with varied types of people and work towards a unified goal.
  • The code is written should be easy in understanding and should be maintainable.
  • The number of bugs and faults in the codes should be minimal as possible.
  • Performance and flexibility is the need of the hour which should be adopted as a web designing practice.
  • In addition to all this, as a web developer, it is essential to respect and meet deadlines. 

The Final Verdict!

Wrapping all the points from the guidebook for web developers “Web developer -  Guidelines on becoming a successful web developer”.These points can be taken as a reference to excel in the web development and web designer domain. At Redlio Designs we have a team of professionals and experts who have adept knowledge and we best serve our clients in business expansion as well as create a brand.

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