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What are front-end frameworks solutions or bloated problems?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Frontend Framwork Solutions


The traditional method of front-end web development was limited to a very few steps. nowadays Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and formatting models like Bootstrap are popularly used.

Any digital transformation developed by a front-end developer could either be an innovation or a hassle. Though the transformation may prove to be a setback yet it is of utmost importance in the developer’s life. Web development is ever-changing and so are the approaches or methodologies of design adopted by the developer community. The traditional method of front-end web development was limited to a very few steps. Coding lines of code on a notepad, testing it on the web browser, and easy deployment on FTP folders. Keeping the latest web design trends in mind modern front-end frameworks need a development environment downloaded as a prerequisite to designing complex websites.

Quick historical summary of front-end frameworks:


Change is the only constant. There was a wide range of setbacks be right from compatibility issues to time-consuming coding constraints. The number of browser availability was also quite less than they are now. A paradigm shift was observed in the primary used coding language for the development of front-end frameworks. Front-end developers used jQuery back then but now Javascript is popular. Though some extremely popular jQuery plugins are used today. Yet nowadays Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and formatting models like Bootstrap are popularly used.

The purpose behind using frameworks:


Who doesn’t want a quick solution. Time and patience are what we Gen-Z generation lacks. Learning from the mistakes of other developers is always aid in web development. In addition to this, the highlights of any framework designed are to be considered as a knowledge base or shared learning. The unique properties or advantages this framework offers are enlisted below.

  • It consumes less time and effort - Your client or audience doesn’t really care about the technical aspects or rather which framework you have used in web development to be specific. Three aspects are to be considered when choosing the apt framework that is scalability, flexibility, and speed. Performance and minimal errors are what your client would pay close attention to. In addition to this, you make more money and save your time as well as efforts on web development as the framework or the skeleton of your web development is handy plus bug-free.
  • Standardized approach and uniformity in web development - A guidebook or predefined standards bring uniformity as well as consistency in web developments. These guidelines help you write code in a specific format as this doesn’t minimize the errors or bugs but helps easy track them. Frameworks are more functional and easy to use.

What are front-end frameworks solutions or bloated problems?


We have understood how front-end frameworks can be solutions in web development. Let us now touch base on how they can turn into potential or bloated problems.

  • One size doesn’t fit all - Writing a single piece of code does not fit all business requirements. Any code snippet does wonders for a particular requirement while it might prove to be a potential threat for others.No predeveloped or available framework is self-sufficient or aligned with the business requirement. Being a front-end web developer modifications and making the code compatible is your responsibility.
  • No prior research on frameworks - The prerequisite of choosing a particular framework is a critical choice. Because at times experiences of web developers say that at times the small error grows up so exponentially that it proves to be a showstopper of the entire web development debarring reputation.
  • No updates compatibility - Every year the popular and renowned coding languages come up with updates launching new versions. Having a futuristic approach when web development makes code cross-functional across various versions. If it is not compatible it becomes a tedious task for developers after updates.

Final Verdict:

Nothing is black and white when it comes to web design deployment. The grey spots are highlights for a few business requirements while they can prove a setback for others. Mastering to code in Javascript should be a mandatory practice for front-end developers. Learning the key web design principles and imbibing strategies for migration between various frameworks proves to be a plus or advantageous in some aspects. Running through this article we conclude that the front-end frameworks can be bloated problems or solutions depending on the business requirements. We have a dedicated team of technical ninjas for web development and hire us front-end framework development for smooth conversion of your ideas into reality.

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