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Focus Areas To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store


WooCommerce Store speed are the deciding factor for your lead generation and sales conversions.rates for abandonment of websites due to a mere delay of one or two seconds were astonishing.

The important factor for survival and to become a niche player in the digital era is performance accompanied by flexibility. For WooCommerce Store speed are the deciding factor for your lead generation and sales conversions. Studies and research say that there was a negative drift across the globe around 50 to 60 percent in the number of site visitors due to the slowness of websites. 

The rates for abandonment of websites due to a mere delay of one or two seconds were astonishing. For just a one-second delay it was observed that the sales conversions went down by seven percent whereas for two seconds of delay the abandonment rates went up to 87 percent. The abandonment rates have a direct impact on the revenue of your business as well as your brand reputation. 

Gen-Z lacks not just patience but craves perfection as well. So, it is costing your WooCommerce store money for every second of delay. The Key Focus Areas To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store are enlisted in this article:

Audit the current speed of your WooCommerce store:


As a WooCommerce developer before you encounter any issue in the system it is essential to know what is the AS-IS or current status of your WooCommerce.The first step is to audit and assess the downloading speed of your WooCommerce store. Gather the details on the speed as well as accessibility   and make a note of the actionable points that are to be worked on.

Assess your current hosting platform:


The backend mechanisms give you an insight into the speed degrades. Investigation of the critical elements like the hosting platform configurations, RAM usage, CPU usage is a mandatory practice before directly jumping on to the solutions. The cache setup is then reviewed for a better understanding of your WooCommerce store as it keeps the snapshots of information. Our ultimate goal of speed optimization should be to keep small chunks of data on the cache memory.

Optimization of images:


It starts with optimizing the images making them weightless. Followed by manually tweaking the pre-defined templates and lastly, Normalizing the images. There are three easy strategies if applied correctly can help you optimize images before uploading them on the WooCommerce store as they reasonably increase the download time of images:

  • Utilize image optimization tools to make images fit in WooCommerce standards before uploading them
  • Make sure that the sensible default sizes are set and ready 
  • Use Lazy Loader and CDN layer

If you use images of the wrong size then below are the repercussions: Either your WooCommerce store is taking more time to load the image than the ideal time or you need to execute some scripts to fix the wrong-sized image.

Minification of your code:


As the count of the files loaded on the server goes on increasing the number of return trips of the server will obviously increase affecting the speed of the WooCommerce store. The perfect solution to this problem is the aggregation of multiple files. Keeping minimum files on the visitors’ browser and then removing all the unnecessary spaces from the combined file. This methodology of minification of your code makes the file smaller in size thereby aiding easy as well as faster downloads. Script selection and optimization is a tedious task but it is prominently responsible for hampering performance if not done correctly. Testing should be on the top list for any custom web development expert as it decides whether your website is abiding by the standards set and expectations enlisted.

Multilingual optimization:


As a web development professional it is essential to cater and to look upon minute aspects like language compatibility when dealing with global clients or customers. Your WooCommerce store must support multiple languages to reach a larger group audience and multi-language optimization decides performance. The premium solution for multi-language optimization is WPML(WordPress Multilingual Plugin) or an automatic translation mechanism. If the language optimization is not set correctly then it can raise a range of issues or bugs in long run directly degrading performance.

Let us wrap up:

Wrapping our thoughts and the final verdict on running through this article to find the focus areas to speed up your WooCommerce store is that speed optimization is the need of the hour. The performance of your WooCommerce store website has a direct relation with your revenue stream. You can keep your sales conversions at their peak minimizing the abandonment rates of engaging customers. We are a WooCommerce Development team of professionals believing in curating business requirements and customizing powerful feature-reach WooCommerce stores at affordable prices building brand reputation.

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