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Fixed Price VS Time Material VS Dedicated Teams


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Fixed Price VS Time Material VS Dedicated Teams


Picking the most ideal cooperation model totally relies on your project. In case you have a long-term powerful project, which requires close oversight from an expert project manager , we suggest hiring a dedicated team.

While hiring a software development company, the first thought you will have is which cooperation model would it be advisable for you to pick? Considering customer necessities and specifications of the task, we suggest some of the best suitable cooperation models:

  • Fixed-price
  • Time and material
  • Dedicated team

Every one of them offers a few exceptional advantages when applied to a particular kind of task. But, there are likewise complications for each situation that you ought to know about. To assist you with picking the best suitable model for your projects, we have written this blog post about which model can be best for proposed client requirements. We will start with the fixed price model.

Fixed price model


While hiring a software development company, most customers definitely know the amount they are willing or can stand to spend on their product. For this situation, the fixed price model is by all accounts the most fitting.

As one can figure by its name, the fixed price model depends on a predefined spending plan and timetable. This implies it will commit you and your vendor to settle on a decent expense which you will pay upon the delivery of the product. Moving ahead with the benefits you can get.

  • A straightforward and expected development process, requiring the least guidance from you.
  • Despite the conditions, they will finish the fixed price project within the approved spending plan and deadlines.
  • They limit your risks as the development group bears full liability regarding on schedule and on-financial plan product delivery.

The methodology is by all accounts good all around: you do not need to expect extra costs and your software development provider takes full liability for fulfilling time constraints and remaining affordable for you. If any unanticipated issues emerge, you will not need to stress over them.

Then again, it is undeniably challenging to give an exact time and quote or make a detailed project guide during the beginning phases of product development.

The fixed price project model is generally reasonable for projects with a defined scope and necessities that have been settled. Consequently, this methodology ends up being advantageous just for little projects that have limited usefulness and clear expectations, test or verification of idea assignments, just as short-term cooperation with strict deadlines.

Time and material approach


Unlike the fixed price approach, the time and material model offers greater adaptability as far as both budget and project necessities. For this situation, the complete expense of the task, just as its extension, stays obscure until the product is ready. It relies entirely upon the genuine time and efforts used to carry it out.

While there is as yet planning and necessities specification included, the T&M model permits you to change the scope and the event whenever needed. In this way, the real product development budget may vary from the agreed-upon evaluation given by the group.

  • The time and material model gives expanded adaptability about task prerequisites, scope, and usefulness. 
  • This is the pay as you go approach, which implies that you will be charged on a month to month (or week by week) premise according to the genuine work done during the billable period. 
  • You have full authority over the budget and the deadlines and can change the scope and the prerequisites.

The time and material methodology frequently end up being the most helpful one as far as time and cost-efficiency.

All things considered, the time and material cooperation model tracks down its application in medium to big projects with dynamic necessities, progressing changes and expanding product development. It is ideal for product enhancements and technical help.

Dedicated team


Dedicated Team is an extraordinary cooperation model that shares something in common with both fixed cost and T&M approaches. It gives you a remote team of hand-picked software development experts, doled out to your project on a long-term basis.

The main purpose behind this model is to make up for the absence of important abilities and expertise in-house. You can manage the team yourself or engage a dedicated project manager to organize the communication interaction.

This methodology has an exceptionally direct pricing model. A decent service expense, which relies upon the size of the team, is charged month to month. These instalments cover individual's salaries and specialist organizations expenses, including administrative overheads.

Among the outstanding benefits that the model can offer are:

  • Predictable and simple budget planning.
  • Adaptable project scope.
  • Full command over the team and its methods.
  • Your team has a profound knowledge of your project and business objectives.
  • The team is completely committed to your project.

Actually, like the time and material model, a dedicated team turns out best for long-term projects with unclear or evolving prerequisites. Nonetheless, to receive every one of the rewards of this methodology, you really want to ensure the extent of your project is adequate so all of your colleagues can work full time for quite some time.

Wrapping up

As should be obvious, every single one of the described methodologies enjoys its benefits. Picking the most ideal cooperation model totally relies upon the particulars of your project.

In case you have a long-term powerful project, which requires close oversight from an expert project manager, we suggest hiring a dedicated team.

The time and material model functions admirably for both enormous and medium projects, giving full command over the process and the financial plan. The fixed price model is a decent initial step when developing a solid, reliable business partner with a software development company, yet can end up being wasteful for long-term projects.

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