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Five stages of Design Thinking


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Design Thinking Stages


Design thinking methodology is proven to be the best approach to overcome hiccups or problems that are undefined or unknown while developing web applications.

A non-linear iterative approach having problem-solving capabilities adopted by web application development and design companies are termed design thinking. Design thinking methodology is proven to be the best approach to overcome hiccups or problems that are undefined or unknown while developing web applications. It helps in the implementation of meaningful solutions and ideas to resolve problems. This unique process of design thinking can be used repetitively to identify opportunities in problem-solving and it seems to be a human-centered approach as it supports innovation. There are a couple of stages or iterations involved in design thinking be it identifying the potential problem, analyzing, brainstorming, and creating prototypes for testing purposes. Let us deep dive and understand in detail what are the five stages of design thinking.

Five Stages of Design thinking:


The five stages of design thinking are given by the Standford-based Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. These stages can either be executed in a sequential manner on in parallel. Depending on the requirements it can be repeated multiple times either as an iterative approach. The ultimate goal of design thinking methodology is to understand and get a clear idea of the needs and requirements of the customers. At the end of the brainstorming what could be the ideal solution should also be thought of.



This stage is to carry out in-depth research on the customer’s needs and requirements. Being a web designer or web developer you should adopt an empathetic approach in understanding the problem or the need. Carry out user research and imbibe empathy to understand the real problem than presuming facts about the problem.



Enlist the user needs and problems in a nutshell. Basically, you need to define the real problem based on the information collected in stage one of design thinking. Also, once the problem statement is well-defined create personas taking the basis of the same.



Ideas and relevant challenges are identified here in this stage. Ideas are encouraged and multiple brainstorming sessions are conducted for alternatives as well as suggestions.



Once the alternatives are available in the ideate stage the prototyping stage requires choosing and finalizing the best digital solution amongst the list of suggestions. So you need to create solutions in this stage of design thinking investigating the suitable idea to be adopted.



Rigorous testing is carried out by the evaluators in the test phase of design thinking. At this stage implementation of the solutions is taken place and a decision on whether further modifications are necessary or not is carried out.

Advantages of Design Thinking:


  • Iterative and non-linear process - It helps in defining the problem at the first then starting with a basic level of solutions or brainstorming. Design thinking requires mere thinking out of the box and encountering the potential challenges or setbacks that are to be worked upon when developing digital solutions.
  • Collaboration among the web designer and web developers - Design thinking helps in increasing the collaboration between the web designers and developers. The main aim of design thinking is to work towards the goal in unison as friction restricts innovative ideas.
  • Power of visualization - Design thinking is a futuristic approach that has the power of visualization that directs web design and development firms to work towards simple and clear goals adapting to the ever-evolving business world.
  • Lead generation and sales - Customer is the king and he should be convinced for your business to not go stagnant. With the power of visualization, customers are well-informed about the plans that are to be devised. In addition to this presentations on the working of the digital solutions are also shared beforehand. This wins the trust of the customers and in turn, attracts high sales.
  • Customer satisfaction rates go high - Implementation of digital solutions using design thinking methodology gives the customer a sense of recognition and consideration. Hence it is beneficial to web development companies in gaining loyal customers as the satisfaction rates accelerate.
  • Building opportunities - It creates opportunities for all as design thinking is no application of rocket science but a solution generation approach with simple thinking and revised thinking.

Major takeaways:

Design thinking can be described as an iterative process or discipline that focuses on the collaboration of the web designers and developers to convert the business needs into digital solutions considering the technological aspects and convert them into brand value. The ideas have a human-centric approach and emphasis is put on the real users’ thoughts as well as behavior processes. Hire our team of web developers who have a pragmatic approach when developing digital solutions. We believe in converting business ideas into reality with a result-oriented approach in terms of brand building and sales.

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