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Why is firebase the best mobile backend as a service?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Firebase For Backend


The products the Firebase platform gives have extremely straight documentation and are sufficient enough to coordinate into iOS, Android, or Web devices.

Today's advanced age is seeing a broad revolution with technologies like 'Cloud' and 'mobile application'. Lots of novel mobile applications are rolling out every day to fulfil our daily needs. Nowadays the firebase development services are assisting organizations with building a superior improvement foundation. But what is firebase and how do these services affect mobile application development? Let's look at it.

What is Firebase?


Launched in 2011 as an independent organization and later taken over by Google in 2014, Firebase has arisen as a famous leader presenting for application development. Before being known as a real-time database, the innovation presently has dedicated APIs and many services under its ambit. It is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) answer for the web just as mobile applications consider all necessities of testing, development, and application management.

The solutions effectively help your business in keeping away from the problem of getting related hardware and backend database management. Web developers can align it to your custom business application through devoted APIs for each particular service. As a software development platform, Firebase outlines all the array of backend developments for an application. A portion of the key integrations includes Unity, Web, iOS, and android.

Notwithstanding, there is a great deal to think about this technology and how it upholds application development with an efficiently managed backend. Starting at its uses would be a good thought.

What is the use of Google Firebase?


Google Firebase offers your organization the utility underneath.

  • The firebase platform helps manage all the real-time data in the database consequently, developing a consistent and faster transfer of data. In case you are planning to build messaging or live streaming mobile applications, Firebase ought to be a decent choice to choose from.
  • It empowers real-time data syncing across different cell phones (web, iOS, and Android) without continuously refreshing the screen.
  • Firebase development services provide coordination to Play Store, Google Ads, Data Studio, DoubleClick, Slack, AdMob, and BigQuery. These goals start with better application building and management.
  • Be it extensive reports, analytics or databases Google Firebase will fulfil all your application development necessities and let you focus on your business strategic policies and objectives.

What sort of apps is Firebase good for?


Firebase platform is much adaptable and useful for developing profoundly scalable mobile applications. It will assist your business with the following classes of applications:

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

For the record, you can develop any sort of application with Firebase SDKs. The platform is likewise taking each conceivable action to expand support for Flutter, C++, web, and Unity. While developing any sort of application, you will likewise get the advantage of an Admin SDK accessible for an assortment of dialects. This toolbox can be utilized with any backend components according to your prerequisites.

Aside from these SDKs, Firebase incorporates a library known as 'FirebaseUI' that offers a variety of functionalities to make your versatile application development simpler and more fun. Last, however, not least, projects, for example, AngularFire are likewise accessible to cover the web SDKs and to be used with Angular.

In case you are additionally searching for strong backend solutions, here are the best five reasons why you should go for Firebase.

1. Synchronize Data with a Real-time Database


Firebase permits you to synchronize the information through a NoSQL database in real-time. It has eliminated the centre layer between the application and the backend database resulting in the most effortless admittance to data.

Firebase data synchronization saves the data on the local disk and consequently, additionally permits the user to load the data regardless of whether or not the application receives the data connection. Besides, the user can access the data from numerous gadgets like cell phones or the web. Firebase Real-time Database likewise allows you to split your data across different data sets inside the same task.

Therefore, it is much more effective than conventional relational databases utilized in mobile application developments.

2. Supported by Google Analytics


Firebase has a direct coordination with Google Analytics and permits you with all the fundamental bits of knowledge that you really want to give a customized experience to your users.

Google Analytics gives all the data like usage patterns, user behaviour writes about broken connections, user associations, interface, and each component of client experience. What is more, this data helps application developers fragment the audience into different gatherings and make an unmatched experience for the users.

3. Powerful Tools and Features


The following advantage that makes Firebase such a famous and gainful backend solution is its rundown of incredible features.

Firebase accompanies full hosting support alongside a Global CDN, a custom domain, and can automatically provide an SSL Certificate. Thus, you can refresh the content in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) during the production process.

Additionally, there are many components like full authentication, Google cloud storage, cloud messaging, test lab, application indexing, dynamic link creation, and so forth, that permit you to deal with the end to end development for the mobile application expediently.

4. Fast Crash Reporting to Fix Bugs


Firebase allows you to tackle any application issue by promptly examining the bugs in the application and reporting them quicker than at any other time, ending in stable application execution.

Firebase SDK saves your time and efforts and rapidly takes a look at each of the blunders, be it iOS or Android, and sends mistake reports by email. Best of all, this service is free, and you do not need to pay anything for reporting bugs.

5. Cost Flexibility

cost flexibility

At long last, firebase offers a rundown of cost designs and permits you to pay as indicated by your necessities and spending plan. It is free, in the first place, and for extra features and tools, there is a rundown of membership plans for app developers.

This characteristic is helpful for little businesses or new companies who need to attempt the backend services without spending on a gigantic service plan or deducting their functional expenses toward the start of the business.


You have arrived at the finish of our Firebase Backend Service Review. The products the Firebase platform gives have extremely straight documentation and are sufficient enough to coordinate into iOS, Android, or Web devices.

In this way, regardless of whether you wanted to make a new product for an independent venture or reshape a current endeavour's web application, the Firebase platform is a decent decision for the backend-as-a-services solutions available.

We, at Redlio designs,know how hard it could be for beginners to sort out BaaS usefulness, however, the more you find out with regards to databases and how to manage them, the simpler it gets.

Redlio designs provide organizations with broad web development services. We have solid skills and knowledge to make your application's back-end development process a frivolous matter. On the off chance that you are interested, kindly visit our Contact page.

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