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Features of WordPress 5.6


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Features of WordPress


WordPress 5.6 is released on the 08th of December 2020 and is coined as WordPress 5.6 “Simone” after a veteran performer Nina Simone. This version of WordPress does not just have improvements but also additional features

WordPress 5.6 is released on the 08th of December 2020 and is coined as WordPress 5.6 “Simone” after a veteran performer Nina Simone. This version of WordPress does not just have improvements but also additional features. The improvements are related to the block editor, security, and authorization, and it has introduced a new default WordPress predefined theme Twenty Twenty One.

The features of WordPress 5.6 have the potential to convert ideas into reality. The Twenty Twenty One pre-defined template is similar to Canva. The WordPress developers consider this theme as a canvas having a stack of blocks that are nothing but brushes and these improvise the visual quality of words, pictures, sound, and media embedded on that webpage.

The Twenty Twenty One template has a soft rainbow of pastel shades that help to choose a suitable color for the background. The color palette also gives the user community the flexibility to pick a color from the shades available.

The main purpose of this article is to understand the features of WordPress 5.6 and they are enlisted as follows:

1. Greater layout flexibility


The additional features offered by WordPress 5.6 edit the layout either with a code or without a code. Combining the widths and columns, headers, gradients as well as single-column blocks WordPress 5.6 covers all.

2. More block patterns


The predefined WordPress themes have block patterns that are preconfigured that keep standard web pages of websites. These block patterns also not just aid in aligning workflow but minimize the number of navigation and clicks on WordPress-developed websites serving impeccable user experience.

3. Better video captioning


This feature of WordPress 5.6 helps the WordPress developer to add captions and subtitles in applicable languages at the bottom of videos. It also enables the audience to upload the videos within a post or page. The subtitles are of great help to the user community as it makes the video more understandable and relatable.

WordPress 5.6 also has certain features for developers and those are:


3.1 REST API authentication with Application Passwords -

The latest feature of API is authentication of passwords using third-party applications that can connect the developed WordPress website in a seamless and secure manner. The REST API is a control management system.

3.2 More PHP 8 support -

WordPress 5.6 supports PHP 8. It is mandatory and essential to plan on the WordPress products, services, and sites developed.

3.3 jQuery -

The potential WordPress releases are three and are 5.5,5.6 and 5.7. When we reach the midpoint of any WordPress Website development process the predefined plugins are run that detect errors and bugs.

WordPress 5.6 has the below salient features for the user community and its audience:


1. Expanding auto-updates -

WordPress offers its user community the option to create the dashboard. If being a beginner in WordPress development and curating your first website then these updates or rather automatic updates prove to be a boon. 

2. Accessibility statement -

The prerequisite is not always to be an expert in WordPress.You need to start understanding accessibility and the plug-in features copy, edit and publish the content as well as data in the most efficient manner.

3. Built-in Patterns -

Block patterns are default themes that have mastered the complex layouts with minimal effort. Custom website design is to arrange images, colors, links, and copy in a visual format creating a brand.

Final Verdict!

Gathering the various learning on WordPress 5.6 and understanding the features of the WordPress 5.6 we conclude that extensively amazing features are there in WordPress’s latest version. If business requirements are vital then it becomes mandatory to hire a WordPress developer to make a top-notch designed website. Hire our team of experts to convert business ideas into reality.

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