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Essential skills to become a good PHP developer


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

PHP Developer Skills


The demand for PHP web developers is exponentially increasing.understand what should be the essential skills to become a good PHP developer through this article.

Web development framework with a bundle of advantages be it in terms of extendibility, integration to various servers and databases with minimal maintenance costs.PHP is renowned amongst the passionate web developers and has become a niche player of this generation. It does not just have a plethora of perks offered to web developers alone but it has exceptional performance as well as reliability. With digital transformation the quest for responsive and technically advanced websites is ever increasing.No business requirements would ask you to build static web pages. Here PHP is a savior as it helps cater to business requirements in the most efficient manner. Let us now understand what should be the essential skills to become a good PHP developer through this article.

PHP Web Development:


Hypertext Processor is a server-scripting programming language abbreviated as PHP. Applications scripted in PHP run on web servers giving an exceptional performance to the applications as they do not rely on web browsers. It is ranked fifth across the globe as a server-scripting language and two prominent applications that leverage PHP are WordPress and Facebook. A few reasons are listed below on what makes PHP popular amongst web developers:

  • Open source - PHP is an open-source platform that is easily available for all web developers as well as system-ready. 
  • Platform independent - PHP is compatible with almost all the Operating systems and applications scripted in PHP run on web servers rather than browsers.
  • Simple and easy - It is simple to learn and adapt to PHP scripting. The syntax is simple and any web developer can adapt to it in a short span of time.
  • Maintenance and support - PHP follows an MVC architecture which helps in easy maintenance of code. There is a user support community available for extended help.
  • Security - PHP is robust and has in-built cybersecurity features to protect the application from external threats and adversities.

Why are PHP web developers in big demand?


PHP provides seamless integration and is one of the highly adaptable programming languages. The demand for PHP web developers is exponentially increasing as they are proficient enough to give estimates for the undertaken assignment at lightning-fast speed.PHP web developers are ninjas in a true sense as they can handle varied tasks of web development right from scripting to testing. Also the PHP web developers these days are versatile in managing the application administration activities as well. It is critical and a primary step to understand the job market before we hire web developers.

Essential skills to become a good PHP developer:


We have identified the below skills apart from PHP web development that differentiates a PHP web developer from the very web developers available in the job 

  • Research and analytical abilities - Web development is not at all a cakewalk and so it is essential to first understand the business requirements before laying down a web development plan. Hiring a web developer having knowledge of PHP is not enough as he should be well-versed with research and analytical abilities. They should be proficient to detect bugs or issues and provide necessary solutions to fix them. 
  • Web Design and Custom web development - Take care that the PHP web development expert should have a basic understanding of web designing as it is the factor that will decide on the user engagement figures. Also, customization is the mantra for success and if your PHP developer knows the methodology then your assignment goal is half done.
  • Communication and Persuasive skills - A PHP web developer works as a liaison between the client and support team hence business communication is a prerequisite. Unfortunately, the job market says that techno-savvy people lack business communication ethics hampering the business aesthetics at times.
  • Programming - A good PHP web developer must have knowledge of client-side scripting as well as database management. They should be adept at integration aspects either. A full-stack developer with a niche as a PHP web developer is a plus for your assignment to be up and running without external assistance.
  • Willing to Learn - The PHP web developer that you hire must be passionate about PHP web development. Always look for self-taught developers or web developers who are avid learners. Personal interviews and discussions are great to look for candidates that best fit your business project requirements. In addition to this, you get insights on what are the necessary training that are essential to groom the PHP web developer that they lack in.

Major Takeaways:

Wrapping up our thoughts on what should be the essential skills to become a good PHP developer. This article is exhaustive and serves as a guidebook for any business owner to hire good PHP developers for their upcoming assignments. Hire web developer with adept PHP developers that can take businesses to heights with custom PHP web development. We assure a secure and robust code structure with 360-degree support for solutions to relevant bugs or issues.

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