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Why convert your e-commerce website into a mobile app?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

e-Commerce Website into a Mobile App


Sales and purchases via the internet are electronic commerce or e-commerce. The art of buying and selling your products and services online is the new trend. Various activities that e-commerce encompasses are online.

Sales and purchases via the internet are electronic commerce or e-commerce. The art of buying and selling your products and services online is the new trend. Various activities that e-commerce encompasses are online auctions, payment gateways, and internet banking. If transactions could happen in fractions of seconds then why would someone access the website?

Patience is what we millennials lack and so mobile apps are an aid for e-commerce. Want to learn more about why it's essential for the conversion of your e-commerce website into a mobile app then this article is for you.

Why does the user community prefer mobile applications over websites?

  • Convenience: Mobile apps have many advantages like easy usage, better user experience, and fits different screen sizes more elegantly than websites. Quick updates and notifications are also some of the boons that mobile apps give.
  • Personalization: Personal filters, preferences, specifications, and much more help to retain existing customers thereby maintaining brand loyalty.
  • Working offline: Users can access the apps offline hence internet connectivity is also not a constraint on access to the features and content of the app.
    Any company opts for a better solution to enhance their customer base and build brand loyalty in every business sphere. Mobile application is always a better choice for over-responsive websites as it helps the firm gain marketing goals, strategize business expansion and brand positioning.

We have answered the why so let us touch base on the how aspect now.

One of the fastest-growing industries is mobile application development. Getting a website for your mobile application is no more a want but need of the hour. It has become a necessity that helps you survive in the market and grow your business online.
Three types of mobile application development methods are :

Native App development

A peculiar and classic method of mobile application development is Native. Providing an excellent user experience is the forte of this development technique. Development tools supported are X-Code, Objective-C, and JAVA.

Progressive Web applications

These mobile apps are developed using three core web development technologies HTML5, CSS3, and JAVAScript. The main aim of designing these applications is to make them compatible with different platforms. Progressive Web applications in practice aid to add salient features like gestures, notifications, mobile hardware access, etc.


This approach is an amalgamation of web and mobile approaches. It primarily focuses on cross-compatible technologies and platforms. Front-end developers claim that it is one of the easiest methods of development. The only constraint of this approach is it cannot tackle complex processes.

Final thoughts

For small businesses to flourish in the long run it's a necessity to have a mobile application that becomes the easiest and most effective channel. Discussing the various approaches to craft and architect mobile application designs. There are plenty of pros and cons that every design approach offers. The choice completely depends on the business requirements and business type. Reach out to our woocommerce developers to convert your e-commerce website into a mobile application.

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