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What are the Key Areas of eCommerce Analytics?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

eCommerce Analytics


After the proper website analysis, you will have the data about the targeted audience, what they want, and what you should offer them.

Running an eCommerce business is a difficult task. No matter whoever tells you it is easy and you will be able to earn even by sitting idly at home - Do. Not. Believe. Them. 

Why? Running a brick-and-mortar store requires you to have an updated knowledge of the market. Just like that, running an eCommerce website or store needs you to stay familiar with the ongoing trends.

To stay updated with the trends or act on them, you must know the insights of your business. Confused? Do the proper eCommerce analytics. Then and only then, you will be able to grow your business with the help of the current trends.

Here in this article, Redlio Designs presents you with the ultimate guide on eCommerce Analytics. What will it have? The key areas to focus on along with the tool’s suggestions. So, let’s move ahead with the content.

Wait, wait... Before we move ahead with the article, first understand the meaning of eCommerce Analytics itself.

What is eCommerce Analytics?

If you are looking for the digital transformation of your business then eCommerce analytics is necessary. It will help you in analyzing the behavior of users on your website and eCommerce store. 

Through eCommerce analytics, you can understand your audience better. How? It will give an idea of where they come from, where they spend most of their time in the store, and how they react to the particular product.

With all this information on your hand, you can plan your next product marketing strategy or the eCommerce website design changes accordingly. You must invest in the best eCommerce analytic tools to get the perfect analysis report.

The Key Areas to Focus on eCommerce Analytics


Now, you have an idea about eCommerce analytics and how it can benefit you in boosting sales, revenue, and branding. In this section, you will read on the key areas that you need to focus on while analyzing your eCommerce business.

Keep reading!

1. Website Traffic

The foremost thing to consider while analyzing your eCommerce store is to measure the website traffic. You must know where your audience is coming from, how they found you, what they are doing, and many more.

With the help of tools like Google Analytics, you can measure the website traffic and know the demographic details. You will have a report showing the way they came to your website, and which pages they have been visiting. It will show you whether the traffic is organic or referral. 

2. Marketing Campaigns

Running marketing campaigns boosts website traffic and helps you in getting leads and customers. That is why it is important to track its success. Spending money, time, and effort should have an amazing output, right? How would you know it had? 

By tracking the marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is the one that promotes the brand, gets the traffic and leads. Traditional marketing also had positive points, but again it was difficult to measure. 

Now with a single click you can get the entire evaluation of how your campaign is performing, how many leads you got, and many more.

3. Social Media

In the era of social media users, analyzing and tracking social media is more than necessary. Many businesses get half of the revenue or traffic through social media. Setting up an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page is an easy task, but maintaining them is the real thing to do.

You will have to make a social media strategy to promote your eCom store and brand. All this will be possible with the help of social media analysis. Tools like HootSuite and Sprout will help you in getting the proper tracking result of social media channels.

4. Sales & Revenue

Owning an eCommerce business, the bottom line or the main goal is to get sales and earn revenue. You might be getting enough sales and revenue, but don’t you want to grow it or know how much is your business capable of!

Track the entire transaction of the visitor to know on which page he landed, what he viewed, and what purchase did he make. Measuring conversion rate, total transactions, average order value, and top-selling products will help you in making the next strategy for your eCommerce website.

5. Customer Retention

For every business be it online or offline, the customer retention rate should always be high. With the help of customer retention analytics, you will get to know about the customer churn and insights on how to prevent it.

With the help of analysis, you can track the client’s characteristics and behavior which will help you in marketing the right products at the right place and at the right time.

6. Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is something that is not related to any specific industry. eCommerce business in every niche suffers from this. But you don’t want it to get worse. Do you? There are many reasons that a customer is leaving the product in the shopping cart and isn’t moving ahead with the checkout process.

What can you do? At Redlio Designs, we would suggest conducting a shopping cart abandonment analysis to track and understand the problem. There are chances, your website doesn’t have a feasible payment method, they found the greater deal on another website or anything.

All you have to do is analyze and take action accordingly.

Final Words:

These are the six key areas to focus on for eCommerce analytics. As said above, running an eCommerce store is no easy task, the main problem lies in the analysis process. After the proper website analysis, you will have the data about the targeted audience, what they want, and what you should offer them.

What are you still thinking about? Contact the expert eCommerce website design company - Redlio Designs, they will assist you in maintaining your online business intact.

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