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Does Quality or Quantity of Content serve the purpose?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

content quality vs quantity


The analysis says that content quality wins over content quantity for the most successful websites available on the internet. publishers should always maintain a correct balance of content quality as well as quantity.

Content and business strategies go hand in hand. Talking about the content strategy you have to decide whether to opt for publishing quality content posts or posting multiple content articles frequently. The analysis says that content quality wins over content quantity for the most successful websites available on the internet. In general, publishers should always find a midway and maintain a correct balance of content quality as well as quantity when it comes to the digital industry. Although the ratio of content quality and quantity varies from article to article. The initial stage should always be on specifying the niche and thinking about does Quality or Quantity of Content serves the purpose? We will compare the technical as well as the business aspects and then conclude whether the content quality or quantity serves the purpose best. Before getting into the details of content quality and quantity. Firstly, let us understand the purpose.

What is the purpose? 


The purpose of any article to be published online is to create brand awareness and generate leads. This can be achieved by targeting the right audience and posting articles that increase customer engagement. To meet the purpose we cannot neglect either the content quality or quantity. Consistency of well-researched quality articles will help publications achieve their business goals. Your business can become stagnant at any point in time if any of the two aspects are neglected or ignored.

What is Quality Content? 


Quality content is termed to be an article published on the internet that is on a subject that is well-researched, formatted, and reviewed. It is a comprehensive concrete post that at times comprises potential elements such as audio, text, graphics, and video snippets. The benefits of Quality Content are as mentioned below:

  • It helps you build expertise and brand
  • Usage of competitive SEO Service keywords can improve the article’s ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results Page)
  • If the publisher focuses on the niche then the publisher will stand out and have authority in that particular domain

What is Quantity Content? 


Something that is curated at a faster pace without market research. The information in the published article isn’t complete. Examples of Quantity Content are news articles, quick videos, or podcasts. For maintenance of consistency, the posts are published according to the calendar and schedules can be once in a week or so. The applications  of publishing Quantity content are enlisted here:

  • Some industries like news broadcasts would go bankrupt if they do not post multiple posts each day
  • Grow your following and be visible on social media with multiple posts using a Social media marketing strategy
  • To share informative snippets at regular intervals and not release the complete information at once

Considerations that are to be taken care of when curating Quality Content :


Focus 20% on quantity and dedicate 80% to the quality of your content. There are resources available in today’s digital era. Delegate work and publish in-depth researched articles per day to attract the target audience. Content quality comes with practice and lets us understand points to be considered when curating quality content articles:

  • Strategize: Not having a plan is also a plan that can stagnant a busy business. Analyze the digital market first and find your niche. Have expert advice and multiple reviews before finalizing the strategy. Plan your posts and have schedules after understanding the active timings of your target audience.
  • Bring variation in content: Do not stick to a particular type of content. Be creative and innovative while curating your content posts. Use combinations of the different formats available and tweak according to your topic. Leverage technology and various tools that are available to boost creativity.
  • Understand the buying psychology: Understanding the buying patterns of your customers is very important because your content should help and convince your consumers to buy your services/goods available.
  • Be original: Do not copy the content or adopt someone’s content creation strategy that might be a bit timing consuming and degrades originality.

Wrapping up:

The bottom line states that a publisher should understand the sweet spots keeping the business goals in mind. In my perspective, your target audience would appreciate informative and accurately written content that is quality content over quantity. However, content quality and quantity are equally important for the growth of traffic. Primarily focussing on the quality and adding up articles to your list would indirectly increase the quantity. The conclusive point is it is pointless for any publisher to focus on content quantity alone ignoring quality. Hire our team of professionals for IT services  who have earned expertise in maintaining equilibrium between content quality and quantity. We curate and devise our digital marketing strategies that help you gain handsome revenues as well as create a brand.

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