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DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: The Mantra that future entrepreneurs enchant


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Digital Solutions


In the world of the Internet, your competitor is just a click away. An average millennial spends at least 3 to 4 hours on his phone and the word “digital” is entangled with him in the true sense, Be it networking.

In the world of the Internet, your competitor is just a click away. An average millennial spends at least 3 to 4 hours on his phone and the word “digital” is entangled with him in the true sense. Be it networking or working, the pandemic has redefined the bases of digital.

Does a digital entrepreneurial story of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos excite you? Do you aim to be an entrepreneur or have big plans not just in mind but wish to implement them? Then you are at the right place.

Customer perspective paradigm:


Understanding the requirements and perception of the customer is a bit challenging in digital markets as customers would be from a “pool” of existing customers or potentially a new one. Key characteristics to understand who your customers are Occupation, Age, Gender, and Disposable Income. The concept of the Rater Scale is a boon for the Digital Service Industry.

Technological advancements in the Gen-Z era:


Digitalization is the new normal. Digital communication and content become at times monotonous for customers to consume hence the concept of interactive content are trending in the market. Online quizzes, polls, spin wheel discounts; calculators, assessments, surveys, etc. are popular amongst online shopping websites. The world is turning online today.
How can someone not mention chatbots when discussing digital technological enhancements? A software application based on NLP (Natural Language Processors) and sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) to conduct online text or text to speech chats with virtual human assistants. The deployment of AI-driven chatbots gives organizations a clear ROI (Return on Investment). Chatbots serve to assist its clients to become comfortable with technology using cost-effective and speedy customer service.
Also, being a business owner and amidst busy schedules, it’s tedious to manually send repetitive emails to subscribers and promoters. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates the trigger of alert and notification emails. It also maintains analytics and generates reports on a timely basis. This provides insights to track and expand the business.

The transformation from Developer to Business Owner:


Do you have a young ignited mind, daring to have exceptional ambitions to start your own business?

There are many perks of starting your own business and developing digital solutions. You are the boss and you earn each time you sell your idea. Study and design your roadmap, it’s a fundamental step. Always discuss and clarify customer needs and requirements because those are the basis for your innovations. It is preferred to keep project designs simple. To ace success and to be a niche player the primary focus should always be on your website UI/UX design.

Young entrepreneurial aspirants:


It is a bit challenging to transform your ideas into digital solutions at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. You need to be on tip of your toes when it comes to industry and technological-specific knowledge. If you lack any technical skills, there is nothing to fear about always hiring experts and professionals.

Digital solutions involve much competition yet if we understand our customers well and focus on strategic marketing we will lead and make profits through internet channels. Easy brand promotions and availability of the internet 24*7 is a good trick for the global expansion of business in today’s world. Prompt responses via direct advertising and instant feedback help marketers improvise products and services. Lack of trust appears to be scammers withholding customer's shops and relying on services/products sold online.

Why Redlio Designs?

We are an IT services company dealing with a variety of Web and Mobile Development projects since 2014 and we proudly provide our customers with all types of experts, with upscale company-based digital solutions , social media marketing abiding by our values of transparency, curiosity, innovation, and passion.

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